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How to add / install a new hard disk / drive?

The following are the steps to install / add a new hard disk /drive:

1. Turn off your PC and open the case to your PC with Anti-static wristbands.

2. Look at the end of the new hard disk. It should have a load of sockets and pins for you to play around with. At one point, you should be able to see some pins with some jumpers attached, and a sticker on another side telling you what configuration of jumper positions means what to the computer. If you are attaching it to the same IDE cable as your existing drive, then set it to "Slave", otherwise, select "Master" and fit it as close to the start of the cable as possible. This cable is an "IDE" cable, and can only be fitted two ways to the drive itself. Look for an indication as to which side pin number 1 is and insert the IDE cable in that socket and pins, with the red side as close to pin 1 as possible. Then, just fit it into the computer, as you would do any other drive, and close the PC case.

3. Turn on the PC, and hit whatever key you are told to at the bootup to get to the CMOS menus. When in there, choose the relevant section and select "IDE Auto-detection". If the hard disk does not appear on it, then you will have to enter the information manually. Use the notes you collected from the top of the hard disk earlier to tell the computer what the hard disk is. Save and exit and continue booting.

4. Once windows starts up, logon into an administrator account and if the add new hardware wizard does not start automatically go to control panel and open the Add hardware wizard which will guide you through the rest of the installation process.

5. Go to My computer after installation and the new hard disk must be present. If it is pre-formatted then you can use it right away but if not then you have to format it.

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