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How to turn on Windows automatic update

Windows Update is an important feature to keep the hacker away as long as you remember to use it. But most of us usually forget to check and perform the regular update. Since Windows XP comes with an Automatic Updates utility, you can turn it on to protect your system.

To turn on this feature and adjust its options, click Start, right-click My Computer and click Properies. Select the Automatic Updates tab, and click Automatic Updates.

When you turn on Windows Automatic Updates, Windows routinely checks the Windows Update Web site for high-priority updates that can help protect your computer from the latest viruses and other security threats. These updates can include security updates, critical updates, and service packs. Depending on the setting you choose, Windows automatically downloads and installs any high-priority updates that your computer needs, or notifies you as these updates become available.

When you connect to the Internet, Windows sends data to the Windows Update Web site about the way your computer is set up so the service can determine which updates your computer needs.

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