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What is bluetooth, how bluetooth works, how to use bluetooth?

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances between devices. It's not a wireless Internet connection like Wi-Fi. It's a fast way to hook up devices without cords, such as headsets connected to cell phones, computers connected to wireless printers or keyboards, or PDAs syncing with computers. Because Bluetooth is wireless, it can connect up to eight devices at a time and it's fast. The range of Bluetooth is about 10 meters and it is not a line-of-sight connection, which means that the walls in your house won't block the connection.

The Aim of Bluetooth

1. Global usage.
2. Voice and data handling.
3. The ability to establish ad-hoc connections.
4. The ability to withstand interference from other sources in open band.
5. Very small size, in order to accommodate integration into variety of devices.
6. Negligible power consumption in comparison to other devices for similar use.
7. An open interface standard.
8. Competitivelly low cost of all units, as compared to their non-Bluetooth correspondents.

How Bluetooth works?

The Bluetooth technology operates in microwave radio frequency spectrum at 2.4 to 2.485 GHz. This technology is easy to set up and normally used in ad-hoc situation to transfer voice or data between mobile devices. If you need to have wireless connection between mobile devices in high bandwidth and bigger coverage range, then you need to set up a wireless network.

As an example, you can use Bluetooth to connect your wireless headset to laptop, connect wireless mouse to computer, connect PDA to laptop or connect cell phone to laptop. A mobile device can communicate with up to seven other mobile devices by using Bluetooth at the same time.

Also Bluetooth is able to take care of both data and voice transmissions simultaneously, and this will enable users to enjoy varieties of innovative solutions such as hands free talking, printing and faxing, etc.

How to use Bluetooth on computer or laptop?

You need to have Bluetooth adapter to communicate with other mobile devices! Most of the new laptops have built-in Bluetooth adapter, if not you need to install an external Bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth dongle), a small USB device that can communicate with other Bluetooth supported mobile devices.

To install the Bluetooth adapter is very easy. Just plug in the adapter to the computer's USB port, then install driver provided by the manufacturer. Also Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes drivers for many Bluetooth devices, so does Windows Vista and Windows 7, and this would install Bluetooth adapter driver automatically if it's supported. Once you have installed the driver, then it can be used to communicate to other mobile devices.

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