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What is boot defragment and how to defragment boot files?

Most people know how to defrag files on hard drive, but fewer people know that the boot files ar enot included in this regular defragmentation. Boot defragment is to put all boot files next to each other on the disk drive so that it can boot faster. This is a Windows XP's important feature and usually it is set by default. In order to make sure that your system continues to start as fast as possible, you should verify that your computer is defragging the boot files on start up. If it is not on start up, you can take the following instructions to fix it.

1. Click Start.

2. At Run, type Regedit.

3. Navigate to

4. Select Enable from the list on the right.

5. Right on it and select Modify.

6. Change the value to Y to enable and N to disable.

7. Close the Registry Editor.

8. Reboot your computer.

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