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How to install MS certificate service and SSL certificate?

How to install Microsoft certificate service

Microsoft Certificate Services allow websites to issue and revoke digital certificates. The certificates are used to authenticate the identity of the website. The service runs on a certificate server and can be installed on a computer through the Windows Control Panel. Certificate Services are designed for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000, so you cannot install them on Windows XP, Pro or Home.

1. Click on the Start, then click Control Panel. Choose Add/Remove Programs. Click the Add/Remove Windows Components.

2. Click Certificate Services check box. Click Next. Click Yes to confirm you cannot change the name of the machine or the machine's domain membership.

3. Click Yes to continue, then click Next on the Windows Components page. Under CA type, click the check box, Enterprise Root CA and click Next.

4. Enter your certificate authority's (CA) name in the name text box. This will be your host name for your domain controller. Click Next. This will bring you to the Certificate Database Services page. Keep the default names for the Certificate Database locations. Click Next.

5. Click Yes in the Microsoft Certificate Services dialog box to restart Internet Information Services. Click Next. Click OK in the Insert Disk dialog box. Choose Finish in the Completing Windows Components wizard page.

6. Close the Add/Remove window to complete the process.

7. Now you are ready for installing SSL certificate.

How to install SSL certificate

An SSL certificate provided by Verisign provides you with encryption security between your server and your customers. SSL is provided by hosting services, but if you own your own web server, SSL implementation is your responsibility. Verisign provides SSL certificates in text format for owners who need encryption. After the file is sent, the process of installing it on your IIS server takes several steps as follows:

1. Open the IIS console. Click Start, click All Programs, click Administrator Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

2. In the IIS console, select the IIS server, right-click and choose Properties from the menu. Click the Directory Security tab. Click Server Certificate and click the Next.

3. Select Process the Pending Request and Install the Certificate, which prompts you for the location of the saved SSL text file saved on your computer. Choose the file location and press the Next.

4. Confirm the selection. IIS parses the encryption text and shows the information embedded in the file. Make sure the certificate reflects your domain and company, and press the Next.

5. Assign a port. Most secure server services use port 443, but you may want to use another port if it's necessary.

6. Now your SSL certificate is working for your system.

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