send cmd / dos result to a file, how to save cmd / dos output to a file
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How to save / send cmd / dos output to a file?

This is a small trick to show you how to run a Dos command and instead of displaying the outputs on the screen, it saves the outputs into a file. It will be very useful when you want to have someone fix your computer because you can send the file to him. The following shows you how to do it.

1. Click start.

2. Click Run.

3. Key in "cmd" without quotes.

4. New windows will pops up and key in "ipconfig /all > c:\test.txt". The tricky part is the switch ">".

5. Open the file, test.txt and you will find that the output is there.

Note: you don't need to create the file, test.txt, first. It will create it for automatically.

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