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How to stop and report email spam, guide, tips?

How to find the server of spam email sender?

1. go to email header. For outlook user, go to View and click Option.

2. find ip of the remote email server.

3. goolge "whois lookup" to find out the email server.

4. contact the email server with the full email header.

5. Hopefully, the email server will do the investigation and get rid of the email spammer from their email server.

Note: sometimes, the email server got paid by the spammer and unwillingly remove the spammer from their server. In that case, read the following to report the server.

How to Report Spam?

1. Reporting Spam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

One of the fist steps to take when dealing with spam is to report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Send a copy of the unsolicited email to Your email will then be stored in a database, so that the appropriate measures can be taken to deal with those at the heart of the offense.

If your request to be removed from a mailing list was not honored, you should also report to the FTC. Simply fill out the online form located at This will send the site to the FTC's Consumer Sentinel database so that both law enforcement and consumer protection agencies may access it.

You should also send a copy of the email to your Internet service provider (ISP). Normally, their abuse desk will have the email address, or This will alert them to the problem and help them to prevent it in the future. Likewise, you should also send a complaint email to the sender's ISP. They are usually glad to rid themselves of anyone abusing their system.

2. Reporting Spam to the Spamcop

You can also report your spam to Spamcop. Spamcop is one of the worldwide leader for reporting spam and blacklists. When you report your spam to Spamcop you have to give them the email header of your spam email.

Note: When reporting spam email, you will need to have the full header of the email you received.

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