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English learning software

Price: $10 (USD)
Shipping: Free (Valid email address needed or download)
Support: Free to answer practice related questions.
This all-in-one program is divided into six sections: comprehensive practice, vocabulary practice, reading comprenhension practice, grammar practice, English conversation, and English reading materials. There are thousands of questions for you to practice and they are carefully selected and based on many years of teaching experience. We are adding new questions all the time.

Considering different levels of learners, we divide our program into three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. And, in addition, we also include many English learning tips in this user-friendly program.

1. Comprehensive practice

It includes grammar practice, vocabulary practice, and commonly-used verb phrases, noun phrases, and adjective phrases. All these practice questions are seen very often in tests and examinations.

2. Vocabulary practice

This practice shows you how the word is used in a sentence so that you can know how to use the word. You can also learn the word formation in order to expand your vocabulary from this practice. The words included are commonly-used and commonly-tested words. TOEFL and GRE words are also included

3. Reading comprehension practice

This practice is designed to improve students' skills to understand the overall meaning of a text, identify important details and apply what they have read. The students also learn how to get the main idea as well as the specific details and draw conclusions and make predictions.

To improve your reading comprenhension, you need to have extensive reading to gain more background knowledge. Our reading materials section is especially designed for this purpose.

4. Grammar practice

English grammar practice is important because practicing English grammar will enable you to know all English basics and how to compose error free sentences. This program includes all the key grammar points and common mistakes which are often used for tests and examinations. It has the following sections:

Tense, Voice and Mood, Sentence, Verbal (Infinitive, Gerund, Participles), Preposition, Article and Conjunction, Pronoun, Adjective and Adverb, Auxiliary and Modal Verb, and Numeral and Others.

5. English conversation.

This program is based on our book, Situational English Conversation. With this program, you can learn different grammatical patterns and vocabulary of common speech to improve your spoken English in the shortest possible time. It includes the following topics:

Advice, election, airport, apology, arrangements, dance, bank, bus, car, chat, claims, clarifications, consolation, dislikes, doctor, eat, guest, hair, holidays, hotel, house, insurance, job, language, laundry, magazine, manners, party, phone, places, plans, police, post office, repairs, request, reservations, shopping, shows, sightseeing, sports, subway, taxi, train, visas, visit, visitors, wishes, and asking the way.

6. English reading materials.

There are two reasons to include reading materials in this program. One is to use it as extensive reading to know more about background knowledge and the other is for kids to gain more common knowledge. The topics are as follows:

AIDS, Air Bags And Collisions, Aircraft Fire Rescue, Air Pressure, Antarctica, Archery, Asthma, Aurora Borealis, Avalanche Rescue, Balloons, Bee Stings, Bicycles, Black Hole, Black Pearls, Body Fat, Bone Marrow, Bones, Broken Bones, Cancer Causes, Cancer Treatments, Car Engines, Circus High Wire, Clocks, Cockroaches, Coffee, Collecting Micrometeorites, Cratering In Your Classroom, Cryogenics, Development Of Computers, Diabetes, Diet And Nutrition, Dinosaur, DNA Finger printing, Dolphin Communication, Domed Stadium, Electric Cars, Equator, Ergonomics, Ethanol, Frisbee Physics, Galaxy Mapping, Gems, Glacier Climbing, Glass Blowing, Glass Recycling, Glaucoma, Greenhouse Effect, Hearing, High Jump, Hip Replacement, Hollywood Stunts, Household Chemistry, How TV Works, Human Eye, Human Slings hot Ride, Hypercoaster, Ice, Ice Surfing, Inca Engineering, Infrared Light, In Vitro Fertilization, Jumbo Jets, Jungle Survival, Lightning, Liquid Water, Liver, Localized Influences On Wind Patterns, Lock And Dams, Luge, Make A Comet Nucleus, Malaria Tracking, Mammoth Dig, Maya Bike Trek, Medical Quakeries, Metors, Microwave Ovens, Mineral Water, Moon Phases, Mummies, Murder Mystery, Nicotine, Novocain, OilSpills, Olympic Solar Energy, Olympic Training Center, Omnimax, Ozone, Pet Food, Phases Of The Moon, Photosynthesis, ProstheticLimbs, Protein, Rain Forest Animals, Rain Forest Plants, Reflexes, River boats, Robots, Rock Climbing, Satellite Technology, Scuba Diving, Sharks, Simulator Rides, Ski Jumping, Sky, Slinky Physics, Snow, Soccer, Solar Powered Cars, Spelunking, Steroids, Structure Of The Water Molecule, Sunken Slave Ship, Taste And Smell, Tears, elecommunications, Traffic Control, Water, Water Bug, Water Desalination, Water skiing, Wet lands, What Makes The World Turn, White Water Rafting, Wilderness Training, Wild Lion Vets, Wind Blow, Wind Direction And Velocity.

Computer System Requirements:

1. Memory: 500 mb up.
2. Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
3. Internet connection.

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