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Common excel shortcut keys

Shortcut keys can help you bypass menus and carry out commands directly. You can use shortcut keys in many ways with excel, from accessing commands to toolbar buttons. Shortcut keys are sometimes listed next to the command name on excel menus. The following is a listing of all the major shortcut keys in Microsoft excel.

Shortcut keys              Action

F2 		Edit the selected cell. 

F5 		Goto a specific cell. For example, C6.
F7 		Spell check selected text and/or document. 

F11 		Create chart. 

Ctrl+Shift+; 	Enter the current time. 

Ctrl+; 		Enter the current date. 

Alt+Shift+F1 	Insert New Worksheet. 

Shift+F3		Open the Excel formula window. 

Shift+F5		Bring up search box. 

Ctrl+A 		Select all contents of the worksheet. 

Ctrl+B 		Bold highlighted selection. 

Ctrl+I 		Italic highlighted selection. 

Ctrl+K 		Insert link. 

Ctrl+U 		Underline highlighted selection. 

Ctrl+5 		Strikethrough highlighted selection. 

Ctrl+P 		Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing. 

Ctrl+Z 		Undo last action. 

Ctrl+F9 		Minimize current window. 

Ctrl+F10 		Maximize currently selected window. 

Ctrl+F6 		Switch between open workbooks / windows. 

Ctrl+Page up 	Move between Excel work sheets in the same Excel document. 

Ctrl+Page down 	Move between Excel work sheets in the same Excel document. 

Ctrl+Tab 		Move between Two or more open Excel files. 

Alt+= 		Create a formula to sum all of the above cells 

Ctrl+' 		Insert the value of the above cell into cell currently selected. 

Ctrl+Shift+! 	Format number in comma format. 

Ctrl+Shift+$ 	Format number in currency format. 

Ctrl+Shift+# 	Format number in date format. 

Ctrl+Shift+% 	Format number in percentage format. 

Ctrl+Shift+^ 	Format number in scientific format. 

Ctrl+Shift+@ 	Format number in time format. 

Ctrl+Arrow key  	Move to next section of text. 

Ctrl+Space 		Select entire column. 

Shift+Space 		Select entire row. 

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