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Google search guide, tips, tricks, secrets

The basic things you need to know about google search:

1. google is not case sensitive.

2. search operators are case sensitive.

3. google default is to search for pages that include all of your search terms, the order of which is somehow relevant.

4. google excludes common words like "you", "and" etc.

5. some operators can be combined, while others must be used alone.

Google Search Operators

1. +: forces words to be included in search results. Useful with common words that otherwise will be discarded.

2. -: prevents a search term to show in results, for example searching for cake -cream can help you to avoid creamy cakes.

3. OR: returns documents with one of the given terms, like cake OR pie. You can also use | instead of OR: cake | pie.

4. " ": using quotes forces google to search for the exact phrase including stop or common words.

5. ~: allow to search also for synonyms of the given word. For example, cake ~tips finds also pages with the word help or guide etc.

6. *: means every word. For example, "cakes with *".

7. ..: Used to search in a range of numbers. For example, "2..20 cakes" will find pages containing "I eat 3 cakes" and "I'll never eat more than 15 cakes".

8. daterange: Returns documents modified in the given time interval. For example, "cake tips daterange:2005 january-2006 december".

9. filetype: returns links to documents with the given file type. For example, cake filetype:pdf

10. site: restricts the results to the given domain. will find all indexed page on, while " cakes" will find all cakes-related pages on

11. cache: shows the cached version of given webpage. Other words in the query will be highlighted in the returned page, try cakes.

12. link: lists webpages that link to the given webpage.

13. related: returns pages that google somehow thiks are related to the given page.

14. info: returns some informations about the given web page. Typically website and description.

15. define: returns the definition of a given word. For example, define:cakes.

16. phonebook: search in residential phone book. For example, phonebook:smith toronto.

17. stoks: returns stock info. For example, stocks:goog

18. weather: weather informations for the given city. weather:toronto 19. movie: returns all movies related to the search term given. For example, movie:cakes.

20. flights: you can search for flights inside USA using the airport code. Continental Airlines flight 243.

21. time: Example: time toronto.

22. Money Conversion: USD in CAD

23. Calculator: Example, 4/2

24. Image: Example, image cake

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