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How to troubleshoot computer keyboard

When your computer keyboard does not work, please try the following:

1. Check if the keyboard is plugged into your computer firmly. If your computer has more than one, you can try another PS/2 or USB port. You can also test it on another computer. If the keyboard still doesn't work on other computers, it might have problem itself and need to be replaced.

2. Check if the driver software was installed properly. Some keyboards, especially the wireless, require drivers in order to function properly. So you need to install the driver first.

3. Update the driver for your keyboard, if necessary. Open the control panel on your computer, check the hardware settings and then follow the instructions to update the driver.

4. Turn the keyboard upside down and shake loose dust gently out of the keyboard. These particles can also prevent the keyboard from working properly. Clean out hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard with an air compressor or an anti-static vacuum cleaner.

5. Change the keyboard layout if the characters on screen don't match what you type. Select an input language on your computer, then choose the keyboard layout that matches that language.

How to use onscreen keyboard:

At times, when your computer is connected to a big screen TV and you use a wireless mouse and you do not have a wireless keyboard, you need have an onscreen keyboard. Here is how you do it:

1. On the Start menu:
2. Point to All Programs.
3. Point to Accessories.
4. Point to Accessibility.
5. Select On-Screen Keyboard.

Note A message box with a link to more information about the On-Screen Keyboard may appear. To close the box, select OK.

Or you can use "osk" command at Run.

For your convenience, you can create a file called "onscreen.bat" and add following code to it:

start osk

In this way, you can just click it to start.

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