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How to lower / reduce laptop temperature / heat?

Laptop is a heater and general heat is quite normal. However, excessive heat will cause instability and shorten its life. The following are steps to take to lower the temperature of your laptop:

1. Pay attention to the surrounding conditions. Laptop is advised to use at some places with good ventilation, air-conditioned room is better.

2. Make sure that the thermal hole is clean without any covers or shielding. Clean the dust regularly.

3. Make the back at the bottom a little high to save certain interspaces between the bottom of laptop and desk, which is not only helpful for air circulation, but also more comfortable to use.

4. Set the power scheme for your laptop. Choosing "Portable/Laptop" power scheme lets Windows know this is a laptop. So Windows will adjust its operating environment to save power and therefore, reduce temperature. This step is very important!

1) Click Start.
2) Click Control Panel
3) Double click Power Options
4) Under Power schemes section, select "Portable/Laptop"
5) Click Ok

5. Use cooling pad for laptop

6. Place the power adapter vertically with fewer contact area to cool down its temperature

7. Add a USB fan.

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