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How to troubleshoot computer mouse

When your computer mouse does not work properly, please try the following:

1. First, check if your computer mouse has stopped moving completely. If yes, check to make sure the computer mouse is plugged in firmly. If it is, check if the pins of the mouse has been damaged.

2. If the mouse is working perfectly, but it suddenly stops, check the connection to see if it is loose. If the connection is no problem, open up the mouse and clean any residue.

3. If the computer mouse pointer is working in an unexpected way, check for a virus. Some computer viruses cause the mouse to not work properly.

4. Check the computer mouse driver. Go to "Control Panel" and open the "System" folder. Choose "Device Driver Tab" and arrow down to "Mouse" and check if the driver is installed. If there is a yellow icon, the mouse has a problem. Un-install the mouse and reboot the computer. Usually, it will be reinstalled automatically at next computer boot.

5. For the wirelss mouse, check if the battery is full. Please remember that for some wireless mouse, you need to press the button on the adapter to establish the connection.

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