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How to change My Document folder / directory location?

People usually use the My Documents folder to keep all their personal data. Unfortunately, this folder is by default located on the C: drive, the same drive that contains the Windows operating system.

Storing all their personal data on the same drive as operating system is not a great idea because, first, your personal data is very likely to be growing in size while Windows is not. This will degrade Windows performance. Sooner or later you'll fill up the disk and have to make more space by deleting some of your personal files. Second, it make backup complicated. Your personal data is changing all the time while the Windows operating system changes much less frequently. That means your personal data needs to be backed up more frequently than Windows. Third, similar comments apply to disk defragmentation. Mixing your personal data with Windows increases the need for defragging and results in a slower defrag. The following are the steps you can do to fix this problem.

1. Create a new partition.

2. Right-click on My Document folder and go to properties where you can change the location where you want windows to save your Documents folder (Move to the new partition created).

In addition, if your operating system gets corrupted, your data will still be safe.

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