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Outlook Express Tutorial

This tutorial includes: creating a new account, adding people to address book, how to send an email, creating filters to stop spam, blocking senders, security settings, changing fonts, right click commands, creating a new folder, and creating a signature file.

  1. Creating new account
  2. Adding people to address book
  3. How to send an email?
  4. Creating filters to stop spam
  5. Blocking senders
  6. Security settings
  7. Changing fonts
  8. Right-click menu
  9. Creating new folder
  10. Creating signature file
  11. Copying data to new computer
creating a new account

Before you start, you should have an email account that you want to set up. The following are the basic easy steps to create a new account with Outlook Express.

1. Open Outlook Express and click Tools Tab at the top. Scroll down to Accounts and click it.

2. Click Add button and highlight Mail.

3. In Display Name, type in the name and click Next

4. Fill in your email address and click Next.

5. The next section involves the pop3, IMAP, or HTTP settings for your mail server. Fill in the appropriate fields with the information you got from your hosting company and click Next.

6. Key in the Account name and Password and click Next.

7. Click Finish.

Adding people to address book

Adding people to your address book is a very simple thing to do and will save you time to find the email used before.

1. Click on Address button.

2. To add a new person to your contact list all you have to do is click New. If you want to see the properties of a profile you already have, just click the Properties Button. If you want to remove that lousy friend from your Address Book, just click Delete. Find People will help you go through your address book quickly.

3. Click New in step two and then click New Contact then fill in this information you want for the person you want to add to your address book and then click OK.

How to send an email?

1. Fill in the To: with an email address.

2. Fill in the Subject: With some subject.

3. In the big white area is where you write the actual letter. Once you're done with your email, just click send.

Now there are a few basic options that you have in this email window:

1. Spelling. Before sending your email you should just run the spell checker over your email.

2. The paper clip Icon is what you would click if you wanted to include a file, picture, etc to this email.

3. In the CC box, you can type in the email address and send it to other person.

Creating filters to stop spam

Using the filters in Outlook Express will block lots of unwanted Spam mail. Filters or Message Rules as Outlook Express calls them, will basically read over emails before putting them in the inbox and they'll do any number of specific tasks from blocking unwanted emails to organizing emails into various folders. The following are the steps:

1. Go to Tools --> Message Rules --> Mail and Click.

2. Here is the box that will open up when you click. This is the heart of all the various filters you can create. The best way to create the filters is to try a little and see which filters do what.

3. Once you click Ok, the new rule will appear in Message Rules.

Blocking senders

Click on an email and make sure its highlighted and then go to Messages --> Block Sender. This will put the email address of the person in a block sender list and will delete all future emails from that person. That's it! Now isn't that nice and simple.

Security settings

Outlook Express does have some security settings and they can be helpful in removing some of the dangers of using this program. The following is how set up the security in Outlook Express:

1. Go to Tools --> Options and click. Then click on the security tab in the options box.

2. There are a few things you can do:

1) The first section deals with Virus Protection. Security Zones are pages that you've thought safe to visit. When you have Internet zone clicked you'll be able to go to any webpage and it makes it easier. The Restricted tab will only open pages from sites that are safe and in your restricted list.

2) The next section that reads, "Warn me when other applications try to send mail as me" definitely click this box. This will help prevent programs or viruses from sending out emails using your account. It will help stop the spread of auto-send viruses.

3) The next box, "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus", was added to Outlook Express 6.0. It will prevent certain types of programs from being downloaded on your computer and would reduce the risk of you accidentally downloading a virus.

Secure Mail:

This section deals with getting electronic ID's, etc. this is an extreme security protection that you wouldn't need. But if you are dealing with information that is very sensitive, you can get a digital id from any number of sources, just click Get Digital ID. That will give you a bunch of places that will give you an id. The bottom two buttons leave unchecked unless you intend to get a Digital ID.

Finally, you should know that there are all the security settings Outlook Express has, which doesn't mean that your email client will be 100% secure. You should still have an antivirus program, and you shouldn't download any attachments. This also doesn't mean that security holes in Outlook will not be found. So, make sure to keep your Windows always updated.

Changing fonts

If you want to change the fonts in Outlook Express, the following is what you need to do:

1. Go to Tools --> Options and Click.

2. Go to the compose tab and there you'll see the compose fonts that you can use. Just click on Font Settings.

3. Choose the font that you would like to write your emails in and click Ok.

Right-click menu

The following is a list of options that come up when you right click in Outlook Express:

Most of these right click commands are pretty self-explanatory. You just need to remember to there is right-click menu in Outlook Express that you can use to make thing easy.

Creating new folder

1. Go to File --> New --> Folder and click.

2. Type in the folder name and click OK. Remember when creating folders, the folder will be created under the folder you have highlighted.

Creating signature file

Signature files are little text attachments that are added to every one of your emails. Here is the way to create a signature file:

1. Go to Tools --> Options and Click.

2. Go to the signature tab and click new.

3. Fill in the text box with any message you want to include at the end of your emails and click Ok.

Copying data to new computer

1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\\Microsoft\Outlook Express


1) "C:\" is your booting drive

2) "" is the folder id and it may start with "{..."

2. Copy all the files under that folder to your another computer.

3. Done.

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