how to change pagefile.sys location, move page file to different location
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How to change pagefile.sys location for better performance?

The pagefile.sys is used as a kind of Random Access Memory to speed up your computer. The default location is under c:\ on the boot partition. But it do not have to be there. By moving it to other partition, your system performance will be increased. In addition, you can also free up over 1 gb space on your boot partition. The following is how to do it:

1. Logged in as Administrator

2. Click Start

3. Click Control Panel

4. Click Performance and Maintenance

5. Click System

6. Click Advanced tab

7. Under Performance, click the Settings button

8. Click Advanced tab

9. Under Virtual Memory, click the Change button

10. In the Drive [Volume Label] list, select a drive other than the one the Windows Operating System is installed on

11. Click the Custom size radio button, then enter the recommended value in the "Initial size (MB):" text box. Enter in the "Maximum size (MB) that you would like. Usually this setting is double the initial size. Click the Set button

12. Go back in the Drive [Volume Label] box, select the drive that Windows is installed on (usually C:) and do one of the following:

1) If you DO NOT want a page file on this drive, tick the No paging file radio button and then click the Set button. The following message should now appear:

If the paging file on volume C: has an initial value of less than 126 megabytes, then the system may not be able to create a debugging information file if a STOP error occurs. Continue Anyway?

Select Yes.

2) If you DO want to keep the page file on this drive, select the Custom size button, then enter a size of equal or greater value of the amount of RAM, Random Access Memory, that you currently have installed on your system in to the "Initial size (MB)" text box. Enter the same value for your maximum size, then click the Set button. p> 13. Click OK to close all open windows.

14. When asked to restart your system, click Yes.

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