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Common windows, virus process list: name, id, and description, what is it?

In this section, we provide you with the common windows, virus process list: name, id, and what is description. You can use these information to determine if the processes are viruses. Since there are lots of them, you can use "ctrl+f" keys to search for the terms you are looking for. if there is no virus indicated in the description, the process is safe.
Major virus list

The following Trojans allow attackers to access your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data.

0.exe, 004.exe, 005.exe, 006.exe, 007.exe, 008.exe, 009.exe, 2.exe, 38.exe, 50cent.exe, abs.exe, aclservice.exe, anti_troj.exe, antiav_exe.exe, antivirus32.exe, aux32.exe, batserv2.exe, berasjatah.exe, cfmon.exe, corpstats.exe, data2.exe, data3.exe, data4.exe, dcomcfg.exe, duel.exe, dvbern.exe,, ecodec.exe, edlm2.exe, eksplorasi.exe, ersvc.exe, hellmsn.exe, hgqhp.exe, hidr.exe, hxdef.exe, ibm00001.exe, im_1.exe. im_2.exe, inst.exe, intell321.exe, intenat.exe, intxt.exe, ipfw.exe, kane.exe, kerne1412.exe, kernels64.exe, lansas.exe, lcc.exe, letum.exe, links.exe, lmovie.exe, lockbar.exe, lockbr.exe, lodctr32.exe, logo1_.exe, lsamgr.exe, lsas.exe, master.exe, mgsev.exe, mmsg.exe, mskiks.exe, mstc.exe, mswinb32.exe, mswinf32.exe, mwfirewall.exe, n.exe, nav32sp.exe, netclient.exe, netserver.exe, network.exe, note.exe, notedit.exe, notesweb.exe, npkcsvc.exe, ntfs64.exe, ntsys.exe, nvsc32.exe, osalogbe.exe, phqghume.exe, pictureviewer.exe, plugnplay32.exe, protector.exe, removejk.exe, safemode.exe, sectoriate.exe, setup32i.exe, shell32.exe, shell386.exe, shmgrate.exe, showwnd.exe, shutdownutility.exe, sms.exe, smszac32.exe, spollsv.exe, spoolsrv.exe, sqlexp.exe, sqlexp1.exe, sqlexp2.exe, sqlexp3.exe, sqlrep.exe, sqlscan.exe, sqlserver.exe, sqltob.exe, srv32.exe, srvhandle.exe, sservice.exe, svch0st.exe, svchoost.exe, svchos1.exe, svchostl.exe, svchot.exe, svcinit.exe, svohcst.exe, svwhost.exe, synchost.exe, sysc.exe, syscfg32.exe, syscheckbop32.exe, syscnfg.exe, sysconf.exe, sysdoor.exe, syspol.exe, syss.exe, systask32l.exe, system16.exe, systemdll.exe, systemup.exe, systool.exe, systra.exe, systray32.exe, sywsvcs.exe, szchost.exe, taskdrv32.exe, taskgmr.exe, timessquare.exe, tool.exe, tool2.exe, uninstdsk.exe, updatexp.exe, updtscheduler.exe, vbstub.exe, vcualts32.exe, w.exe, w32time.exe, webpmger.exe, webpmgr.exe, wimanager.exe, win.exe, win052.exe, win24.exe, win32imapsvr.exe, win32debug.exe, wind2ll2.exe, windash.exe, windbg32.exe, winde.exe, windefault.exe, windio778.exe, windir32.exe, windll2.exe, windows.exe, windowsupdated32.exe, winds.exe, winexec.exe, winexec32.exe, wininfo.exe, winldr.exe, winlogonn.exe, winmedia32.exe, winnt.exe, winoie789.exe, winpsd.exe, winrarshell32.exe, winrpc.exe, winsetup.exe, winsfc.exe, winsvc.exe, winsvc32.exe, winsvr.exe, wintems.exe, wintoolsa.exe, winzip.exe, winzip_tmp.exe, wkssvc.exe, wmedia16.exe, wntsf.exe, wpd.exe, wuamkop.exe, wudpcom.exe, wupdated.exe, wupdates.exe, xwrm.exe, yaemu.exe, ysbagree.exe, zhopaizdupla.exe

The following adware processes monitor your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analysis. Also popups.

007ssinstall.exe, 01dopewars_update.exe, 123bar.exe, 123dl.exe, 123downloadsuk1.exe, 123hiddensender.exe, 12nail.exe, 180.exe, 180pack6480.exe, 180sa.exe, 180sainstaller.exe, 180sainstalleradperform.exe, 180sainstallernusac.exe, 180sainstallersca.exe, 180sainstallersilsais1.exe, 180stuninstaller.exe, 1950.exe, 202_app13.exe, 2search.exe, 30.exe, 33.exe, 34yf28fg.exe, 3p_1.exe, 44088711.exe, 63mm.exe, 713962.exe, 7a3ce975.exe, 7nail.exe, 7uqj7z9a.exe, 8nail.exe, a0011142.exe, a006.exe, a0067423.exe, a0067428.exe, a64sddd.exe,abox.exe, access.exe, acespy331t.exe, activeds.exe, actualspy.exe, actx1.exe, ad.exe, adbltzun.exe, addestroyer.exe, addestroyerinner.exe, adl_dh.exe, adl_mteststub.exe, adlinstallwin32.exe, admanctl.exe, admillikeep.exe, admilliserv.exe, adp8035.exe, adperform180safull.exe, adsetup.silent.1.13.exe, adstatkeep.exe, adtech2005.exe, adtech2006.exe, adupdater.exe, adv.exe, adx.exe, ahadp.exe, ajrpbi.exe, alp2plib.exe, amp2pl.exe, angelex.exe, antivirusgold.exe, aocbhm.exe, apd123.exe, apev.exe, app.exe, aq3setupstandard.exe, arupld32.exe, asd.exe, asmonitor.exe, atiupdate.exe, atlcustom.exe, aupdate_uninstall.exe, aurareco.exe, aurora(1).exe, ause3.exe, autoheal.exe, automove.exe, autoupdatev2.exe, avghalsb.exe, b2search_v17.exe, backweb.exe, banmanpro.exe, bargain3.exe, bargain4.exe, bargainbuddy.exe, bargains.exe, bb.exe, bbchk.exe, bbi8015.exe, bbi8018.exe, bbi8024.exe, bbi8032.exe, bcuyfz.exe, bdl14108.exe, bhp.exe, bi5.exe, bifrost.exe, bigtra~1.exe, birytx.exe, bjfvabf.exe, bk.exe, bookedspace.exe, bundleouter.exe, bundleouter2501031120.exe, bundleouter2601031121.exe, bundle.exe, bundles.exe, bundles118.exe, bundles53.exe, bundle~1.exe, bxproxy.exe, capharm_unins.exe, cas2setup.exe, cas2stub.exe, casclient.exe, cashsaver.exe, cashsaverupdate.exe, cb.exe, cd_install.exe, cd_install_202.exe, cd_install_291.exe, cg.exe, chq7gv5g.exe, cisvvc.exe, cjqxe.exe, cmappsetup.exe, cmappupdate.exe, cmdinst.exe, cmeupd.exe, cmman.exe, cmqcemmpm.exe, cmsystem.exe, cmupd.exe, cp.exe, cpanel.exe, cpr.exe, cpruninst.exe, csaolldr.exe, csv5p070.exe, ctbclick.exe, ctfmon32.exe, cucu.exe, cydoor.exe, cydoor_uninstall.exe, cyxipjsxdua.exe, czncin.exe, d6.exe, d98008w.exe, dadqh.exe, dating.exe, dchuefy.exe, dealhelper.exe, delmsbb.exe, deskadkeep.exe, deskadserv.exe, dfe.exe, dhbrwsr.exe, dhsvr.exe, dhun.exe, dhupdt.exe, disp1150.exe, dist001.exe, djmypt800.exe, dlhost.exe, dnscatcher.exe, down.exe, downloadplus.exe, dun.exe, dvchost.exe, dwcg.exe, dwe.exe, edow.exe, edow_as2.exe, eijk.exe, elccest.exe, elitejho32.exe, elos.exe, emqvdm.exe, energyplugin.exe, enuubwafo.exe, epkb.exe, epswad4.exe, errorguard.exe, esyndicateinst.exe, euni_bbi8015.exe, exclean.exe, exul.exe, exul1.exe, ezinstall.exe, ezpopstub.exe, ezstub.exe, ezstub22.exe, ezstubseedcorn.exe, fasterxp.exe, fcengine.exe, fixtitle.exe, fpn16100.exe, fqc.exe, freexxx.exe, funcade_icmediax_install.exe, fwntoolbar.exe, fxzrggu.exe, g181511.a.stub.exe, gah95on6.exe, gain_trickler_3102.exe, gain_trickler_3202.exe, gateway.exe, gatoroemres_gozilla_1825.exe, gatorstubsetup.exe, gatoruninstaller.exe, get.exe, getbuys.exe, ginst_001_1234_4201.exe, glf2fglf2f.exe, glf56glf56.exe, glf8dglf8d.exe, gogoaddisplay.exe, gogoaddressbar.exe, gogofileshare.exe, gogotoolbar.exe, gogotools.exe, gogotools0.exe, gogotoolsinstaller.exe, gstartup.exe, gui.exe, guninstaller.exe, hisistheurls.exe, host.exe, hro.exe, ic_ssk.exe, iep.exe, iesetup.exe, igetnet_3845_3645.exe, igps.exe, igudyn.exe, iinstall.exe, infoctl.exe, infwin.exe, ink.exe, install.exe, installdatemanager.exe, installer.exe, installprecisiontime.exe, internetfeatures.exe, invbn.exe, ipu.exe, isinstalldonecrazy.exe, itbill.exe, itphwd.exe, iunkjjsc.exe, ixizgfcp.exe, j95i15ei.exe, jabber.exe, jkill.exe, jmnmxr.exe, jnfdtdi.exe, joyurls19.exe, jq34042x.exe, k4eboy6.exe, kahlisetup_demo.exe, kb021119.exe, keenpostback.exe, kgnjas.exe, klobkveb.exe, kmwoa.exe, kmwol.exe, kmwom.exe, kmwop.exe, knuzql.exe, koolbar_setup.exe, kzah.exe, launchadware.exe, lgnkrv.exe, logon.exe, loud.exe, lp.exe, ltdmgr.exe, mahtfi.exe, mcf.exe, me.exe, mediaaccess.exe, mediaaccessinstpack.exe, mediaacck.exe, mediagateway.exe, mediamotor_49.exe, mediapass.exe, mediapassk.exe, menu.exe, mil.exe, minibug.exe, mirindaa1i.exe, mirindaspe.exe, mm15201518.exe, mm15201518.stub.exe, mmbun.exe, mmttil.exe, mmwork.exe, mnss.exe, mostat.exe, movienetworks.exe, mp3serch.exe, msawindows.exe, msckin.exe, msdioo.exe, msexreg.exe, msgdmf.exe, msmm.exe, msole32.exe, msrdljoy.exe, msshed32.exe, msurlcli1.exe, msvc32.exe, msw.exe, msxct.exe, mtjuhp.exe, mubyjm.exe, mudsc.exe, mvdmodw.exe, mypcsearch.exe, mysearch2.0.exe, mysetp.exe, myurlff.exe, myurlsagain.exe, n20050308.exe, nail(1).exe, ndcx3xyq.exe, newdevin.exe, newdial.exe, newpop447.exe, newpop61.exe, newpop62.exe, newpop63.exe, newsalrt.exe, newupdate.exe, nfomon.exe, nl.exe, nlnp49.exe, nnstp_bbi6009.exe, noyriaszutfdxupw.exe, obllak.exe, odcfg.exe, oeet.exe, oeloader.exe, offers.exe, offun.exe, optimize313.exe, optimize314.exe, oskasetup_demo.exe, othb.exe, owmngr.exe, p2p_networking2.exe, p2p_networking3.exe, p2pnetworking.exe, p2pnetworking3.exe, pbl8ey0e.exe, pec.exe, pf78.exe, phixin.exe, pictureshare.exe, pjtcyd.exe, pokapoka62.exe, pokapoka63.exe, pokapoka64.exe, pokapoka65.exe, pokapoka66.exe, pokapoka67.exe, pokapoka68.exe, pokapoka69.exe, pokapoka70.exe, pokapoka71.exe, pokapoka72.exe, pokapoka73.exe, pokapoka74.exe, pokapoka75.exe, pokapoka76.exe, pokapoka77.exe, pokapoka78.exe, pokapoka79.exe, precisiontimesetup.exe, prositefinder.exe, prositefinder1.exe, prositefinderh.exe, prot.exe, ps_uninstaller.exe, pscanw.exe, psqeelsr.exe, ptf_0017.exe, ptop.exe, ptuninstaller.exe, purityscan.exe, purityscan2.exe, purityscanuninstall.exe, q17i9a4j.exe, qerbid.exe, qerbif.exe, qhutst.exe, qrolmnedq.exe, qtihad.exe, randreco.exe, razespyware_installer.exe, rbenh.exe, regbar.exe, registration.exe, removedisplayutility.exe, richup.exe, rm05040901.exe, rogue.exe, roiia.exe, roiim.exe, rtf32.exe, rxtoolbar.exe, s1p1y_bad.exe, s_win32.exe, sac.exe, sacc.exe, sahdownloader_.exe, saie1101.exe, salm.delete.exe, salmbundle.exe, scbar.exe, screensaver.v.2.1.exe, se.exe, searchnav.exe, searchnavversion.exe, searchnugget.exe, searchtoolbar.exe, searchupdate33.exe, secure.exe, sed.exe, sedk.exe, seii.exe, sepinst.exe, servercon.exe, setup_jalapeno.exe, sfgdulkp.exe, sfita.exe, sfwqi.exe, shopinst.exe, sideb.exe, sidedb_install.exe, smmss.exe, soft3.exe, soproc.exe, sp2update.exe, spedia.exe, sprite.exe, spyaxe.exe, spysheriff.exe, spytrooper.exe, sq_3394_3222.exesqinstaller.exe, sr.exe, srtin.exe, srv1.exe, srv2.exe, srv4.exe, ss_silent.exe, ssee.exe, ssk3.exe, ssk3_b5.exe, ssk3_installerv5.exe, ssk3b5doublemedia.exe, ssk_b5.exe, sskb5.exe, sskupdater.exe, sskupdater3.exe, sskupdater4bp5.exe, ssyssz6r.exe, ssyszu2r.exe, startup5.exe, stc.exe, stubinstaller.exe, stubinstaller4292.exe, stubinstaller5975[1].exe, supportinstall.exe, surfsidekick.exe, susp.exe, svaplayer.exe, swimsuitnetwork.exe, syncroad.exe, syslog.exe, systb.exe, systune.exe, sysupdate.exe, syswast.exe, tahnisetup_demo.exe, targetsaver.exe, tbon.exe, tcpservice2.exe, temp.exe, timesynchronize.exe, tmp11e.exe, tmp333.exe, tool3.exe, trackinst.exe, trans.exe, trickler_bic_gatorpt_4010.exe, tsinstall_4_0_3_7.exe, tsinstall_4_0_3_8_b17.exe, tsl2.exe, tsl_rc0_wrap.exe, tsp2.exe, tsuninst.exe, tsupdate_4_0_3_9_b2.exe, tsysytd8.exe, tt_reco.exe, ttupt.exe, tvm_b5.exe, tvm_b5_bundle_17.exe, tvmedia.exe, tvmupdater.exe, tvmupdater4bp5.exe, uc1362.exe, ucsi.exe, umqltg4cl_.exe, unins001.exe, uninsc.exe, unstall.exe, uopcjly.exe, upd2.exe, updinst.exe, upgrade1.exe, upgrade2.exe, upgrade3.exe, uppicsvr.exe, uptodater.exe, usofrpyqzgrhcumw.exe, usrshutd.exe, uwfx5lp_0001_0802netinstaller.exe, utwlsnux.exe, uwa.exe, uwfx5.exe, vabctqp.exe, vb2.exe, vbouncer.exe, vbouncerinner.exe, vbouncerouter1402030731.exe, vcmnet11.exe, vcmpin.exe, vidctrl.exe, videoinst.exe, vidmon.exe, viu.exe, vlad_dh.exe, vmstmp.exe, vmware-authd.exe, vuzgnwz.exe, vwipxspnt.exe, w11150.exe, w181609.stub.exe, wapiit.exe, wareout.exe, wareoutupdate.exe, wast2.exe, wcpri.exe, webbullion.exe, websecurealertsetup.exe, wfx5.exe, whg14100.exe, whsurvey.exe, win32api.exe, winadm.exe, winadserv.exe, winadslave.exe, winbas12.exe, wincmapp.exe,winfixer2005setup.exe, winhound.exe, winnook.exe, winproc32.exe, winstall.exe, winstatkeep.exe, wintsvtr.exe, wlgjiz.exe, wnscpsvunpacked.exe, wocount.exe, woinstall.exe, wrapperouter.exe, wrgrci.exe, wsebate2.exe, wt35w0g1.exe, wtools.exe, wtoolsa.exe, wtoolsa1.exe, wtsdfi.exe, wtssvtr.exe, wtta.exe, wups.exe, xctbn.exe, xmailer.exe, xupiterstartup.exe, xupitertoolbarloader.exe, xzciqim.exe, ysbinstall_1004267_1.exe, ystckao32.exe, zango.exe, zangoinstaller.exe, zangotbinstaller.exe, zangotbuninstaller.exe, zanu.exe, zcbridge.exe, zcz.exe, zeta.exe, zxinst12.exe

The following adware processes are backdoor vulnerability which can be used by a malicious attacked to gain full access to your system.

13.exe, 2005.exe, 470760544.jpg.exe, absr.exe, ap0.exe, ap2.exe, ausvc.exe, backdoor.prorat.13.exe, backdoor.prorat.13_(57).exe, bionet.exe, bot.exe, cds.exe, clbcatex.exe, csrnvrt.exe, display.exe, dll32.exe, drv.exe, ds.exe, extravalue.exe, gld.exe, gm.exe, haiyang.exe, idemlog.exe, iroffer.exe, keygen.exe, live.exe, loader(1).exe, mfqjjr.exe, netlink32.exe, pyr0.exe

The following are downloaders for virus or spyware

01logo.exe, 2eq.exe, 3.exe, a65d.exe, activex_300_it.exe, bdrqbac.exe, 1004270.exe, 1054571.exe, bundlersi.exe, card.exe, ccarss.exe, cmrsr.exe, cmrss.exe, dgprpsetup.exe, dhwin1.exe, dial.exe, dinst.exe, dr_s.exe, dtloader.exe, dvwnhd.exe, dwnupdt.exe, edowst3.exe, escan.exe, f3403484.exe, f5r4bnh.exe, fahkpym.exe, fjdbfvk.exe, fullgames.exe, hidedown.exe, i81sccp.exe, lex.exe, ls4dlp.exe, mirror_plugin.exe, mmbun2.exe, mmwho.exe, msohrg.exe, nrpc.exe, nsh136.exe, nzuvzu.exe, pacis.exe, perfcl.exe, pmt.exe, poker.exe, popcorn72.exe, pro.exe, ps1.exe, psof1.exe, psoft1.exe, redcross.exe, relatedsetup.exe, rhnura.exe, rsyszx2d.exe, run.exe, scands32.exe, se2ppc4you.exe, sefer.exe, services32.exe, srvc32.exe, stb.exe, stmtdlr.exe, system32win.exe, sysvcs.exe, ta.exe, toc_0008.exe, unadbeh.exe, usbn.exe, voxdvj.exe, wuactl2.exe, xfullgames.exe, xxx.exe, xzz.exe

The following are diallers which can use your computer's telephone line to dial high cost toll numbers.

153.exe, abrir_cartao.exe, addictivetech.exe,appsetup.exe, arr.exe, bindshell.exe, blss.exe, c76bdcb6d01.exe, camviewer.exe, cartao.exe, ckusdll.exe, dbaccess.exe, deborah.exe, doul.exe, dr.exe, formulario.exe, fuwxenc.exe, i3k0hgad.exe, ie4321.exe, nahbluff.exe, new_zealand.exe, nsupdate.exe, orffp.exe, sexeducation.exe, superaccesso.exe, syswin.exe, temp532.exe, tibs.exe. tibs3.exe, translator.exe, video.exe, win32us.exe, wininit32.exe, ybrlenc.exe

Main process list


00thotkey.exe: Toshiba Satellite notebook utility


12popup.exe: Popup block program.


2portalmon.exe: 2Wire Homeportal user interface Users Choice application need to be run at startup, but is not system critical.


3capplnk.exe: US Robotics Modem driver.

3cdminic.exe: Dynamic Access Desktop Management Interface.

3cmcnkw.exe: US Robotics WinModem

3cmlink.exe: support file for 3Com WinModem driver

3cmlinkw.exe: US Robotics WinModem

3cmlnkw.exe: support file for 56K WinModem software-based modems.

3deepctl.exe: corrects lighting, shading and color for all your 2D and 3D games.

3dfxman.exe: Voodoo graphics card.

3dldemon.exe: Installed by the Permedia2/3 and probably other Oxygen-series cards.

3dlman.exe: 3DLabs graphics driver related.

3dm2.exe: web interface tool for 3ware ATA/SATA RAID controllers.

3dxsrv.exe: This Process should be running when Spaceball Mouse is installed

3qdctl.exe: Provided with Terratec 128i PCI and similar sound cards. Loads a sound profile at bootup.


a4proxy.exe: iNetPrivacy Software.

ab.exe: Argentum Backup utility.

abbyynewsreader.exe: Abbyy NewsReader.

abc.exe: an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution.

aboard.exe: Activboard Application.

abyssws.exe: web server application running on both UNIX and Windows based systems.

acbtnmgr_xxx.exe: a vital part of your Lexmark drivers

accagnt.exe: AOL Computer Check-Up application.

accelerate.exe: an internet accelerator software from Webroot Software Inc.

accwiz.exe: Microsoft Accessibility Wizard.

acmonitor_xxx.exe: a component of your Lexmark drivers.

acombo3d.exe: a component of your mouse drivers.

aconti.exe: An application that dials phone numbers meant for adult content.

acoustic.exe: the control panel process for Philips Acoustic Edge soundcard.

acroaum.exe: an application Adobe products.

acrobat_elements.exe: Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

acrodist.exe: Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

acrord32.exe: The main executable for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

acrotray.exe: Acrobat Distiller

acs.exe: Atheros Wireless LAN.

acsd.exe: AOL reconnects you to the Internet.

act.exe: Microsoft Application Center Test utility.

actalert.exe: Contact management solution tool.

actionagent.exe: The utility usually comes with Dell systems for remote assistance.

activation.exe: MS Windows operating system.

activeeyes.exe: the ActiveEyes application from TFI Technology.

activemenu.exe: a component of Wild Tangent to collect information from your system for commercial purpose.

activeplus.exe: a plugin MSN Messenger and is classified as a spyware

activitydisk.exe: SmartSoft ActivityDisk system utility by Iomega.

actrotray.exe: the Acrobat Assistant

acu.exe: Atheros Client Utility.

ad-watch.exe: included in the payed version of Ad-Aware.

ad2kclient.exe: Iomega Zip Drive drivers.

adaware.exe: a virus process.

adblck.exe: a free popup blocker called BrowserPal.

adblock.exe: PC Power Suite.

adblocker.exe: 3B Ad Blocker Pro.

adc.exe: Active desktop calendar from XemiComputers.

addrbook.exe: Novell Groupwise system application.

adg.exe: Creative Soundblaster drivers.

adgjdet.exe: drivers for your Creative soundcard.

adiras.exe: ADSL USB Modem.

admlib32.exe, adobes.exe: This VIRUS is a security risk.

admunch.exe: a pop-up and advert block for your browser.

adobe_gamma_loader.exe: used for loading your Adobe Gamma settings.

adobedownloadmanager.exe: which belongs to Adobe program.

adobelmsvc.exe: which belongs to Adobe Acrobat.

adobeupdatemanager.exe: which belongs to Adobe Acrobat.

adp.exe: a spyware.

adservice.exe: which allows you to run applications directly from an Iomega ZIP drive.

adsgone.exe: an popup blocker.

adskscsrv.exe: associated with a licensing service application from Autodesk.

adss.exe: Access Denied Security Server software.

adstatserv.exe: malware process hijackes your Internet Explorer browser.

adsub.exe: an utility which blocks website banners, pop-ups.

adtray.exe: the traybar process for After Dark.

adusermon.exe: installed along with the drivers for the Zip drive.

advapi.exe: This process is a security risk.

advchk.exe: a component of Norton AntiVirus and runs as a background process on startup.

aeiwlsta.exe: IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Adapter.

aelaunch.exe: for the Audio Applications Launcher.

aexswdusr.exe: Altiris Express NS Client Manager software.

agentsrv.exe: Quicken Online

agfaclnk.exe: for the Agfa digital cameras.

agntsrvc.exe: Oracle Enterprise Manager.

agquickp.exe: ActivCard Gold

agrsmmsg.exe: AMR modem driver.

agsatellite.exe: allowing you to download media from AudioGalaxy.

agtserv.exe: for the Atomica Online Reference Software.

ahfp.exe: for Advanced Hide Folders.

ahnsd.exe: managing automatic updates for AhnLab V3 antivirus.

ahqinit.exe: Sound Blaster Live console.

ahqtb.exe: the traybar process for your Creative soundcard.

aiepk.exe: "Another IE Popup Killer" product.

aiepk2.exe: "Another IE Popup Killer" product.

aim.exe: AOL Instant Messenger.

aim6.exe: AOL instant messenger.

aimaol.exe: a variant of the RapidBlaster virus.

aimingclick.exe: an executable which offers a search toolbar to its use.

airplus.exe: D-Link drivers.

airpluscfg.exe: Wireless LAN Monitor.

airsvcu.exe: Windows Media Manager.

akiller.exe: an popup blocker and ad remover.

al_ads~1.exe: Aluria Active Defense Shield. an alarm mechanism.

alarmapp.exe: Palm desktop sychronisiation software.

alarmwatcher.exe: drivers for the Synaptics touchpad for laptops.

alaunch.exe: bundled with Acer laptops.

alcfdrtm.exe: Realtek Audio Module.

alchem.exe: Spyware and adware application.

alcmtr.exe: RealTek AC97 audio hardware.

alcwzrd.exe: audio drivers from RealTek.

alcxmntr.exe: hardware drivers for the Realtek AC97 audio device.

aldaemon.exe: Avance Logic soundcard drivers.

alert.exe: a utility monitors your motherboard for its health status.

alertserver.exe: a core Backup Exec application.

alertsvc.exe: Norton AntiVirus.

alevir.exe: Opaserv-A WORM.

alg.exe: Application Layer Gateway Service.

almon.exe: Sophos AutoUpdate.

almxptray.exe: the traybar process for your Acer NoteBook.

alsvc.exe: Sophos Internet Security Suite.

alt.exe: a procses which monitors your computer in the background.

alunotify.exe: the LiveUpdate process of Norton AntiVirus.

aluschedulersvc.exe: Symantec LiveUpdate service.

am32.exe: drivers for Plustech scanners.

amgrsrvc.exe: McAfee Internet Security.

amoumain.exe: the hardware drivers for the A4Tech wireless mouse.

anbmserv.exe: bundled with Acer notebooks.

anonantispyware.exe: Anonymizer Anti-Spyware.

anote.exe: a virtual Post-it note software called ActiveNote.

answers.exe: associated with 1-Click Answers.

antiav.exe: It is a worm.

antispy.exe: a tool for cleaning your PC of malicious applications, spyware, adware.

anydvd.exe: SlySoft AnyDVD.

aol.exe: a non-existant process and a virus hoax.

aolacsd.exe: AOL Internet software.

aolhos~1.exe: AOL Service Libraries.

aolservicehost.exe: AOL connection manager.

aolsoftware.exe: AOL Service

aolspscheduler.exe: AOL Spyware Protection program.

aolssc.exe: AOL Instant Messenger.

aoltpspd.exe: the main executable for AOL TopSpeed.

aoltray.exe: the tray bar process for AOL.

aoltsmon.exe: associated with AOL TopSpeed.

aom.exe: Adobe Updater.

aornum.exe: spyware application.

ap9h4qmo.exe: Spyware.

apache.exe: Apache HTTP server.

apachemonitor.exe: Apache HTTP Server.

apc_tray.exe: Process required for the APC.

apcht2kw.exe: Apache Web Server

apcsystray.exe: APC PowerChute Power Maangement utility.

apdproxy.exe: Adobe Photoshop Album.

apoint.exe: The driver for additional touch pad features.

appmgr.exe: Windows Server operating system.

appservices.exe: This process is required for your Iomega Zip Drive.

aptezbp.exe: Software that allows the user to customize and use the rapid access buttons on the IBM Aptiva Rapid Access keyboards.

apvxdwin.exe: Panda anti-virus suite.

aquariumdesktop.exe: Stardock Aquarium Desktop Windows skin.

archive.exe: hijacker virus.

ares.exe: Ares Peer-to-peer File Sharing tool.

areslite.exe: Ares Lite application used for sharing files.

armon32.exe: accelerator software.

armon32a.exe: a monitoring software installed as IP Insight software for DSL connections.

as.exe: Ascentive ActiveSpeed utility.

ashdisp.exe: Avast Internet security suite.

ashmaisv.exe: Avast Anti-Virus application from Alwil Software.

ashserv.exe: Core Avast anti-virus software.

askernel.exe: Aluria Internet Security.

asmproserver.exe: a component of Adaptec Storage Manager.

aspi_me.exe: an ASPI driver distributed by Adaptec.

aspnet_admin.exe: the Microsoft ASP.NET Admin Service.

aspnet_state.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

aspnet_wp.exe: Microsoft ASP.NET and its services.

astart.exe: process allows configuration and tuning of you graphics card.

asupport.exe: Trend Micro's Internet security suite.

asuskbservice.exe: ASUS Keyboard Service.

asusprob.exe: ASUS Motherboards.

aswupdsv.exe: Avast Anti-Virus application.

athoc.exe: a toolbar add on to Internet Explorer.

ati2cwad.exe, ati2cwxx.exe, ati2plxx.exe, ati2ptxx.exe, ati2s9ag.exe, ati2sgag.exe, aticwd32.exe, atidtct.exe, atievxx.exe, atiptaab.exe, atiptaxx.exe, atirw.exe, atitask.exe: ATI Display Adapters.

ati2evxx.exe: ATI External Event Utility EXE module working in the background

ati2mdxx.exe: installed alonside the hardware drivers of the ATI Radeon graphics card.

ati2plab.exe: display drivers.

atipta.exe: worm virus.

atisched.exe: ATI Multimedia Center.

atix10.exe: process ATI Remote Control.

atkkbservice.exe: ASUS Keyboards.

atkosd.exe: ACPI Control Driver.

atomic.exe: a small tool which synchronizes your computer's clock.

atrack.exe: Norton Alert Tracker.

atwtusb.exe: drivers for the Aiptek USB Graphics Tablet.

audevicemgr.exe: Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

audition.exe: Adobe Audition.

aufile~1.exe: Teleca File Manager Server.

aupdate.exe: Automatic LiveUpdate module integrated in Symantec software.

authfw.exe: Authentium Firewall.

autobar.exe: HP Digital Imaging devices.

autochk.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

autodown.exe: AntiVirus software auto update.

autolaunch.exe: Iomega HotBurn Pro.

autoreg.exe: a component of US Robotics products.

autorun.exe: utility for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP.

autotbar.exe: HP AutoView Internet Explorer Toolbar.

autotkit.exe: HP Workstations.

autoupdate.exe: a product of AT&T and is used for downloading software updates for their driver.

avant.exe: application avant internet browser upgrade for windows ie.

avgamsvr.exe, avgcc.exe, avgcc32.exe, avgctrl.exe, avgemc.exe, avginet.exe, avgmsvr.exe, avgnt.exe, avgregcl.exe, avgserv.exe, avgserv9.exe, avgupsvc.exe: Grisoft Internet security suite.

avguard.exe: AntiVir Personal Edition Internet Security Suite

avmaisrv.exe: avast! antivirus.

avpcc.exe, avpm.exe: Kaspersky Antivirus Control Center.

avrmtctr.exe: VAIO Zone Remote Commanders.

avsched32.exe: the scheduler for H+BEDV Antivirus.

avsynmgr.exe: McAfee VirusScan.

avwupsrv.exe: a component of H+BEDV's AntiVirus software.

awhost32.exe, awrem32.exe: Symantec pcAnywhere.

axlbridge.exe, axlbri~1.exe: Intuit QuickBooks


b9.exe: Firetrust Benign.

babylon.exe: a language translator.

backitup.exe: backup utility from Ahead.

backupnotify.exe: HP Digital Imaging application.

backweb-8876480.exe: software of Logitech products

bagent.exe: Quicken software.

bartshel.exe: PeoplePC dial-up application.

bascstray.exe: process for the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite.

bash.exe: Cygwin ut

bass.exe: Computer game.

bbcticker.exe: a free news ticker that brings you the latest news from BBC.

bbdevmgr.exe: RIM Handheld Driver software

bbgdfvdd.exe: a worm.

bblauncher.exe: BounceBack.

bboy.exe: MUMU.B virus.

bbui.exe: AOL DSL Status Monitor traybar process.

bcb.exe: Borland C++ Builder.

bcmntray.exe: Broadcom Network Adapters.

bcmsmmsg.exe: Background task used as a BCM voice modem driver.

bcmwltry.exe: tray bar process for the Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network software.

bcresident.exe: Jetico BestCrypt.

bdmcon.exe, bdnagent.exe, bdoesrv.exe, bdss.exe, bdswitch.exe, bitdefender_p2p_startup.exe: BitDefender Antivirus.

bearshare.exe: the executable for the BearShare file sharing client.

belt.exe: adware application named A Better Internet.

benetns.exe: Backup Exec application.

bengine.exe, beremote.exe, beserver.exe, bkupexec.exe: backup service for Veritas Backup Exec.

benser.exe: Veritas Software Corporation.

beta.exe: W32/Mytob-BE Worm.

bgswitch.exe: MS Background Switcher.

bhodemon.exe: BHODemon Application.

bhsv.exe: W32.Rbot-AVQ Trojan virus.

bigfix.exe: BigFix application.

billmind.exe: Quicken accounting software.

bitcomet.exe, bitlord.exe: BitTorrent Client.

bjcfd.exe: Internet service providers.

bjmcmng.exe: Canon Memory Card Utility.

blackice.exe: a firewall.

blads.exe: Tweak-XP application to block pop-ups.

blat.exe: console-based program, send e-mails.

bldbubg.exe: Dell Alerts.

bling.exe: a worm.

blocker.exe: popup blocker.

blsloader.exe: BellSouth Internet Tools.

bluesoleil.exe: .

bman.exe: BlueSoleil app.

bmmlref.exe: on IBM Thinkpad laptops.

bmupdate.exe: show ad.

bmwebcfg.exe: Bytemobile Web Configurator software.

bonjour.exe: Bonjour zero-configuration networking application.

boot.exe: ELEM virus.

bootconf.exe: Browser hijacker.

bp.exe, bpsinstall.exe: block popup and show other ad.

bpc.exe: Spyware.

bpftp.exe: BulletProof FTP utility.

bpk.exe: Keylogger application, security risk.

bpumtray.exe: BigPond Toolbar.

brad32.exe: Total Virus Defense Network Suite.

brasil.exe: OPASERV.E virus.

brctrcen.exe: Brother scanner "Control Center" application.

brmecom.exe: Brother MFC-9200c printer driver.

brmfcmon.exe, brmfcwnd.exe: Brother Printers.

brmfrmps.exe: Brother Popup Suspend service.

bronstab.exe: W32.Rontokbro.D@mm Worm.

browser.exe: Advance Browser.

brqikmon.exe: Brother printer drivers.

bsclip.exe: B's CLiP CD-R/CD-RW UDF Tools.

bsoft.exe: RapidBlaster parasite virus.

bsplayer.exe: video player.

bthelpnotifier.exe: BT Broadband.

btntservice.exe: IVT Corporation BlueSoleil Module.

btprot.exe: support for bluetooth devices.

btstackserver.exe: Bluetooth Stack COM Server.

bttray.exe: keeps an icon in System Tray.

btwdins.exe: Microsoft Bluetooth Service.

buddy.exe: spyware and adware application.

bvt.exe: AUTOUPDER virus.

bw2.exe: worm.


cachemanxp.exe: Cacheman XP.

cagent.exe: Compaq OCR software.

cagent32.exe: Centennial Discovery.

calcheck.exe: Ulead's Photo Express.

calcplus.exe: Microsoft Calculator Plus.

calmain.exe: Canon digital camera software.

cam.exe: Unicenter suite.

camdetect.exe: ACDSee software.

cameraassistant.exe: Logitech QuickCams.

cap2lak.exe, cap2rsk.exe, cap2swk.exe: Canon laser printers.

capfax.exe: communicate with the fax-modem.

carpserv.exe: CARPService process.

cavrid.exe: eTrust EZ_Antivirus.

cavtray.exe: eTrust EZ Antivirus suite.

cbsrv.exe: CacheBoost from SysTweak.

cbsystray.exe: DataProtector backup utility.

cc.exe: adware hijacker app.

ccapp.exe: Symantec Common Client.

ccemflsv.exe, ccevtmgr.exe: Symantec Internet Security Suite.

cclaw.exe: Norman Virus Control.

ccmagent.exe: ON Technology Corporation.

ccmexec.exe: Microsoft Systems Management Server.

cconnect.exe: Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

ccproxy.exe, ccpwdsvc.exe, ccpxysvc.exe, ccregvfy.exe, ccsetmgr.exe, cka.exe: Norton Internet Security.

ccwin9.exe: Corel WordPerfect Office.

cd_load.exe: adware software.

cdac11ba.exe: MacroVision SafeCast copy protection software.

cdantsrv.exe: C-Dilla License Management System.

cdf.exe: SpyWare.

cdplayer.exe: Microsoft Windows audio CD player.

cdproxyserv.exe: Sony-Bmg Album.

cdspeed.exe: Ahead Nero CD writing software.

ceekey.exe: Toshiba's e-Key technology.

ceepwrsvc.exe: Toshiba power management suite.

center.exe: Asus Wireless LAN network hardware.

cepmtray.exe: Toshiba notebooks.

cfd.exe: several ISPs.

cfengine.exe: Alt-N's MDaemon e-mail server application.

cfsserv.exe: Toshiba's config-free utility.

cfsvcs.exe, cfxfer.exe: Toshiba Notebooks.

cgtask.exe: LALA.B virus.

charmap.exe: MS Character Map.

check.exe: backup restore agent for Acer notebooks.

checker.exe: WashAndGo cleanup utility.

checkreg.exe: Trojan.Danmec virus.

checkup.exe: Norton Crashguard.

chkadmin.exe: Compaq Network Management System.

chkcolor.exe: Creative audio hardware.

chkdskw.exe: W32.Monikey@mm Worm.

chkntsv.exe: trojan virus.

chkras.exe: Motive Communications Spyware.

choke.exe: CHOKE virus.

cidaemon.exe: Microsoft Indexing Service.

cij3p2ps.exe: Lexmark Printers.

cinetray.exe: Sonic CinePlayer.

cisvc.exe: Windows OS-indexing.

civil.exe: trojan virus.

clcapsvc.exe: CyberLink PowerCinema.

cledx.exe: SyncroSoft system security application.

cli.exe: ATI Catalyst.

client.exe: GipsyMedia.

clipmate.exe: ClipMate Clipboard Extender.

clipsrv.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

clisvcl.exe: SMS Client Service.

clockwise.exe: ClockWise.

clonecdtray.exe: CloneCD application.

cm.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

cmanager.exe: SBC Yahoo DSL connection.

cmd.exe: MS DOS Command Prompt.

cmd32.exe: P2P.TANKED virus.

cmesys.exe: advertising spyware.

cmgrdian.exe: McAfee Antivirus.

cmisrv.exe: Verizon DSL Broadband Service.

cmluc.exe: ORiNOCO wireless LAN card.

cmmpu.exe: MIDI emulator.

cnqmax.exe: RANDEX.P virus.

cnxdsltb.exe: ADSL/DSL mo.

cnxmon.exe: Windows XP file.

cnyhkey.exe: Chicony keyboards.

coloreal.exe: Coloreal graphics acceleration utility.

combobutton.exe: Maxtor OneTouch.

comcomp.exe: Wanadoo Internet Service Provider.

comctl_32.exe: Win32.Densmail Trojan.

comet.exe: change the appearance of mouse cursor.

commagent.exe: WebRoot Spy Sweeper application.

command.exe: DOS command line tool for win95/98. Trojan.AOL.Buddy trojan for xp.

commando.exe: WORM_FALSU.A Trojan.

commandr.exe: Logitech keyboard.

companion.exe: AOL Companion.

comsmd.exe: 3com 3C9xx series.

conf.exe: Microsoft Netmeeting.

config.exe: Windows Access (WAC) Server.

conmgr.exe: ISP installation file.

connmn~1.exe: Symbian Connect for mobile phones.

conquercam.exe: webcam utilities.

consol32.exe: TrojanDownloader.Win32.Stubby.c.

control.exe: Control Panel items.

cookiepatrol.exe: Pest Patrol.

cool.exe: W32.HLLW.Donk.B virus.

copernicdesktopsearch.exe: Copernic Desktop Search utility.

corecenter.exe: utility from MSI.

counterspy.exe: Sunbelt Software CounterSpy.

coverdesigner.exe: Ahead Nero's CD Cover Designer.

cpd.exe: McAfee Personal Firewall.

cpdclnt.exe: Norton Internet Security Suite.

cplbtq00.exe: Dritek System Ez.

cpqa1000.exe: Compaq A1000 Print Fax All-in-One copy scan printer software.

cpqdfwag.exe, cpqdmi.exe, cpqeadm.exe: Compaq utility.

cpqeaksystemtray.exe: Compaq Easy Access.

cpqinet.exe: AOL.

cpqkl.exe: Compaq Easy Access.

cpqset.exe: Hewlett Packard Configuration Module.

cprmtkey.exe: Dritek input devices.

cpuidle.exe: cool the CPU.

cpunumber.exe: Compaq.

createcd.exe, createcd50.exe: Adaptec / Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator.

crossmenu.exe: Toshiba CrossMenu.

crsss.exe: worm.

crypserv.exe: trial / demo software.

csagent.exe: Copernic Summarizer.

csinject.exe, csinsm32.exe, csinsmnt.exe: Norton Cleansweep.

csmsv.exe, csrse.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

csrcc.exe: Security Task Manager. virus may have same name.

csrdeu32.exe: BKDR_BREPLIBOT.M Trojan.

csrrs.exe: W32.Gaobot.AO Worm.

csrs.exe, csrss32.exe: W32/Agobot Worm.

csrsc.exe: W32.Spybot.CF Virus.

csrss.exe: Client/Server Runtime Subsystem.

ct_load.exe: spyware.

ctcms.exe, ctcmsgo.exe: Creative MediaSource utility.

ctdetect.exe, ctdvddet.exe, cteaxspl.exe: Creative Labs Soundblaster CD/DVD Alerter.

ctfmon.exe: CTF Loader.

cthelper.exe: access the drivers for Creative soundcards.

ctlauncher.exe, ctltask.exe: SB Audigy.

ctlcntr.exe: IBM fingerprint Software.

ctltray.exe: Audigy SoundBlaster sound card.

ctmix32.exe: Creative ShareDLL.

ctmodutl.exe: Creative Audio Hardware.

ctnotify.exe: drivers for certain Creative sound cards.

ctpdesrv.exe: Creative Personal Media Storage Server.

ctplay2.exe: Creative PlayCenter.

ctpowuti.exe: Creative PowerSysTrayApp Application.

ctrlvol.exe, ctsysvol.exe: Creative Labs audio devices.

ctsrreg.exe: Creative Sound Blaster Live utilities.

ctsvccda.exe: Background task for CD-ROM access.

ctxfihlp.exe: Creative Technology audio devices.

cursorxp.exe: Stardock CursorXP.

curtainssyssvcnt.exe: Curtains for Windows.

cusrvc.exe: Novell Client.

cuteftp.exe: FTP program.

cuteftppro.exe: GlobalScape CuteFTP.

cutftp.exe: FTP program.

cvpnd.exe: Cisco VPN client.

cvsservice.exe: CVS Suite versioning suite.

cyb2k.exe: CYBERsitter product.

cygrunsrv.exe: Cygwin/RedHat.

cz.exe: Bropia Worm.


d.exe: W32/Mytob-GH Trojan.

d4.exe: time synchronization utility for Windows 9x.

daconfig.exe: 3Com Network card ran.

dadapp.exe: Dell notebooks.

dadtray.exe: Dell AccessDirect.

daemon.exe: create (emulate) a virtual CD/DVD drive.

damon.exe: Dell support software suite.

datalayer.exe: Nokia PC Suite.

datala~1.exe: PC Suite application from Nokia.

datemanager.exe: calendar utility.

dbserv.exe: Symantec Ghost disk imaging application.

dcevt32.exe: Dell OpenManage.

dcomx.exe: CIREBOT virus.

dcplusplus.exe: file sharing program.

ddcman.exe: Wild Tangent GameChannel software.

ddhelp.exe: Direct3D.

ddhelper32.exe: Trojan Horse.

de_serv.exe: DSL drivers.

defscangui.exe: spyware.

defwatch.exe: Norton Definition Watch.

delldmi.exe: Dell's OpenManage software.

dellmmkb.exe: configuration of additional keys on Dell's range of keyboards.

deploy.exe: Spytech Software.

desk98.exe: ATI's HydraVision Desktop Manager.

desktop.exe: malicious applications.

desktopmgr.exe: Handheld Tools Desktop Manager.

desktopsuite.exe: Motorola Desktop Suite.

deskup.exe: Iomega Zip drives.

detector.exe: monitoring the USB po.

devdetect.exe: Device Detect software from ACD Systems.

devenv.exe: Microsoft Visual Studio.

devgulp.exe: Digital Dashboard Support Software.

devldr32.exe: drivers for some Creative products.

dexplore.exe: Microsoft Visual Studio.

df5serv.exe: Faronics Deep Freeze.

df5serverservice.exe: Deep Freeze.

dfrgfat.exe: Diskeeper hard disk defragmentation tool.

dfrgntfs.exe: Windows Disk Defragmenter for NTFS.

dfrgsrv.exe: trojan virus.

dfssvc.exe: Distributed File System.

diagent.exe: Creative SoundBlaster's configurations.

dialer.exe: Microsoft's Phone Dialler application.

digitv.exe: Nebula DigiTV program.

dioxin.exe: W32.Dinoxi Trojan.

directcd.exe: Roxio Easy CD Creator.

directx.exe: BLAXE and LOGPOLE Viruses.

directx3d.exe: keylogger virus.

directxset.exe: W32/Browney.a.worm.

diskimageservice.exe: Search and Recover 2.

dit.exe: assign drive icons and names.

ditexp.exe: Flash memory card reader.

divx.exe: malicious application.

djsnetcn.exe: Symantec Internet Security Suite.

dkicon.exe: Diskeeper Executive Software.

dkservice.exe: disk defragmenter application.

dla.exe: Sonic Solutions Drive Letter Access application.

dlbabmgr.exe, dlbabmon.exe, dlbcserv.exe, dlbfbmgr.exe, dlbkbmgr.exe, dlbkbmon.exe, dlbtbmgr.exe, dlbtbmon.exe, dlbubmgr.exe: Dell AIO Printer.

dlg.exe: check the type of phone line.

dlgli.exe: BackWeb spyware.

dllhost.exe: used by several applications like IIS.

dllml.exe: Creative DLL Module Loader.

dllreg.exe: Dumaru.c virus.

dlsdbnt.exe: Dell Color Laser Printers.

dlt.exe: Dell OpenManage system management software.

dluca.exe: Downloader.Dluca.C Trojan Horse virus.

dm1service.exe: Olympus DeviceDetector.

dmremote.exe: Veritas into Windows NT, 2000.

dmxlauncher.exe: Dell's Media Experience.

dnar.exe: Dell workstations.

dnetc.exe: application.

dns.exe: Manages Domain Name System Server.

dnscst.exe: Dell Laser printers.

dockapp.exe: HBayApp Application.

dodrrr.exe: TROJ_SUA.A virus.

dolyt16.exe: Spytech Software.

dopus.exe: Directory Opus.

doscan.exe: Symantec AntiVirus Corperate edition.

download.exe: Webcelerator web browser accelerator software.

dpagnt.exe, dpfusmgr.exe, dphost.exe, dpwinlct.exe: DigitalPersona's range of Windows security products.

dpmapp.exe: DPM speech processing application.

dpps2.exe: Pop-up blocker.

dragdiag.exe: Thomson or Alcatel ADSL modem.

dragdrop.exe: write a CD or DVD.

dreamweaver.exe: Macromedia's web design studio.

drgtodsc.exe: Drag To Disc.

drivecrypt.exe: SecureStar DriveCrypt.

drivespeed.exe: Ahead Nero CD writing software.

drst.exe: SpeedTouch Internet Communication Devices.

drvddll.exe: W32.BAGLE.X worms.

drvlsnr.exe: Compaq SoundMAX.

drvmon.exe: Alcor Micro Drive Monitor software.

drvsys.exe: Beagle / Bagle worm.

drwtsn16.exe: w32.lovgate@mm Worm.

dsagnt.exe: Dell Support.

dscaler.exe: DScaler application.

dsentry.exe: Dell that is anti-spyware.

dseraser.exe: Absolute Shield Evidence Eliminator.

dslagent.exe: DSL/ADSL modems.

dslmon.exe: Sagem DSL Modem.

dslstat.exe: aDSL connection status monitoring utility.

dsnthapp.exe, dsnthser.exe: ATI application.

dssagent.exe: spyware.

duc20.exe: No-IP Dynamic IP Client.

dumeter.exe: network and Internet activity monitor.

dummy.exe: Ahead Nero.

dumprep.exe: Error Dump Reporting Tool.

dvd43_tray.exe: Inline DVD tool.

dvdaccess.exe: Apple Computer DVD@ccess utility.

dvdlauncher.exe: auto-play feature for DVDs.

dvdramsv.exe: DVD-RAM Utility Helper Service.

dvdregionfree.exe: Fengtao's DVD Region-free software.

dvdtray.exe: Hewlett-Packard DVD utility.

dvldr32.exe: Internet transmitted worm.

dvpapi.exe: Authentium Antivirus application.

dvremind.exe: Tobits InfoCenter Notifier.

dvzincmsgr.exe: .

dw.exe: intelligent multi-part downloading technology.

dw20.exe: Application Error Reporting tool.

dw[1].exe: Adware.W32.DelFin virus.

dwheartbeat.exe: .

dwheartbeatmonitor.exe: instant messaging utility.

dwhwizrd.exe: Norton Internet Security.

dwrcst.exe: DameWare Utilities.

dwwin.exe: .

dxdebugservice.exe: .

dxdiag.exe: Microsoft Application Error Reporting.

dxdllreg.exe: .

dxenum.exe: DirectX 9 installation process.

dxnf.exe: Ahead Nero Wave Editor.


e_a10ic2.exe, e_fati9be.exe, e_fati9ce.exe, e_fati9ea.exe, e_fati9fa.exe, e_fati9ha.exe, e_fati9he.exe, e_l10ic1.exe, e_s00rp1.exe: e_s00rp2.exe, e_s0hic1.exe, e_s10ic1.exe, e_s10mt2.exe, e_s4i0f2.exe, e_s4i0h2.exe, e_s4i0p1.exe, e_s4i0t1.exe, e_s4i2f1.exe, e_s4i2g1.exe, e_s4i2h1.exe, e_s4i2j1.exe, e_s4i2k1.exe, e_s4i2l1.exe, e_s4i2m1.exe, e_s4i2p1.exe, e_s4i3f2.exe, e_srcv03.exe, ebrr.exe: EPSON utility.

eabservr.exe: Easy Access Buttons control panel.

eanthology.exe: eAcceleration Software.

easyav.exe: Win32.Netsky.S@mm worm.

easyclip.exe: Lotus Organizer EasyClip.

easygoback.exe: UnH Solutions Easy Go Back.

easykey.exe: notebook's keyboard.

easynote.exe: TK8 EasyNote.

easyshare.exe: Kodak digital cameras.

eausbkbd.exe: Compaq USB keyboard.

ebaytbar.exe, ebaytbdaemon.exe: eBay Toolbar.

eboard.exe: drivers for certain keyboards.

ecfmserv.exe: Symbian Connect.

eclean.exe: eClean 2000.

edict.exe: Microsoft Encarta.

edisk.exe: McAfee VirusScan application.

edonkey.exe: MetaMachine tool.

ee.exe: Evidence Eliminator.

eebagent.exe, eebsvc.exe: Epson Status Agent.

eetu.exe: PurityScan.

ehmsas.exe, ehrec.exe, ehrecvr.exe, ehsched.exe, ehshell.exe, ehtray.exe: Microsoft Windows Media Center.

elbycheck.exe: monitors CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drivers.

eliteuzf32.exe: etbrun virus/trojan.

elkctrl.exe: Logitech Cameras.

elogerr.exe: Symbian Connect from Symbian.

elsblaunch.exe: process info for EarthLink SpamBlocker.

em_exec.exe: Logitech mouse.

emagent.exe: Oracle Enterprise Manager.

eml.exe: Trojan.W32.Beagle.

emsmta.exe: Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent.

emsw.exe: spyware by Alset.

emulator.exe: used by various applications.

emule.exe: P2P file sharing application.

enbiei.exe: W32/Lovsan.worm.

encmontr.exe: process info for Encompass Monitor.

engutil.exe: Easy CD Creator application.

enigmapopupstop.exe: Enigma Popup Stop.

ensmix32.exe: Creative Labs sound card driver.

enternet.exe: connection manager for the EnterNet ISP.

eouwiz.exe: Intel ProSet network devices.

epmwor~1.exe: Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

eraser.exe: Eraser software.

esb.exe: Easy Start Multimedia devices.

espacewanadoo.exe: French executable installed with internet access.

essdc.exe: ESS Solo soundcard.

essspk.exe: ESS V92 modems.

eudora.exe: email client named Eudora.

eusexe.exe: audio drivers.

eventagt.exe: DEvent Agent.

eventmgr.exe: Microteck scanners.

evntsvc.exe: .RealOne Player

evteng.exe: EvtEng Module.

ewerfw.exe: Trojan.W32.BAGLE.

ewidoctrl.exe: Ewido Security Suite.

ewidoguard.exe: Ewido Security Suite.

excel.exe: Microsoft Excel.

exchng32.exe: Gaobot Worm.

exe82.exe: MediaMotor Trojan.

exmgmt.exe: Microsoft Exchange Console.

expl32.exe: RATSOU virus.

explore.exe: GRAYBIRD.G virus.

exploreff.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

explorer.exe: Windows operating system.

explorer32.exe: W32/KWBot-A worm.

explorere.exe: W32.Yaha.x@MM worm.

express.exe: PLuS Express player.

exshow95.exe: Kensington products.

ezbutton.exe: EZbutton Media Player.

ezejmnap.exe: IBM ThinkPad notebooks.

ezprint.exe: Lexmark EZPrint.

ezsp_px.exe, ezsp_pxengine.exe: Easy Systems.

ezulumain.exe, ezulamain.exe: spyware.


f1tray.exe: easy access to MightyPhone.

fameh32.exe: F-Secure Anti-Virus sof.

fan.exe: Dell.

farmmext.exe: Transponder parasite virus.

fash.exe: adware, spyware.

fast.exe: Windows XP PowerToy.

fastdown.exe: security risk virus.

faxsvc.exe: Microsoft Fax application.

fbdirect.exe: easy access to scanning, printing, copying or faxing.

fc.exe: CAMPURF virus.

fch32.exe: F-Secure Anti-Virus.

fdm.exe: Free Download Manager software.

fgadmin.exe: Netgear network print servers.

fih32.exe: F-Secure Anti-Virus.

file.exe: Trojan.W32.Nethell.

fileaccessmanager.exe: UniBlue WinBackup.

finder.exe, findfast.exe: Microsoft Office family.

finished.exe: Spytech Software.

fips.exe: MS-DOS application.

firedaemon.exe: app for run or install service.

firefox.exe: Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.

firesvc.exe: BitGuard Firewall.

firetray.exe: McAfee Desktop Firewall.

firewall.exe: BitGuard Firewall.

fix[1].exe: backdoor vulnerability virus.

flashfxp.exe: FlashFXP file transfer protcol utility.

flashksk.exe: Smartmedia card readers.

flatbed.exe: drivers for the Visioneer scanners.

floater.exe: WinPortrait Pivot.

fm3032.exe: Fax Center Server.

fmctrl.exe: Diamond DT Genius audio hardware .

fnrb32.exe: F-Secure Anti-Virus software.

foldershare.exe: Iomega FolderShare.

fontloader.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan virus.

fontview.exe: W32.OPASERV.T Virus.

formatm.exe: Conversions Plus.

forte.exe: Computer game.

fotocanvaslite2.exe: ACD FotoCanvas Lite 2.0 application.

fpassist.exe: freePDF.

fpdisp4.exe: printer spooler.

fpdisp5a.exe: FinePrint Printer Utility.

fppdis2a.exe: printer drivers for pdfFactory application.

fpxpress.exe: Microsoft Frontpage Express.

frameworkservic.exe, frameworkservice.exe: McAfee AntiVirus Common Framework.

fraps.exe: capturing screenshots.

freedom.exe: an application used to blocks ads.

freescan.exe: Spyware BeGone application.

freshclam.exe: Clamwin antivirus.

frontpage.exe, frontpg.exe: Microsoft FrontPage.

frsk.exe: hijacker virus.

fs20.exe: Free Surfer Companion .

fsaa.exe, fsav32.exe, fsbwsys.exe, fsdfwd.exe, fsgk32.exe, fsgk32st.exe, fsguiexe.exe, fshttps.exe, fsm32.exe, fsma32.exe, fsmb32.exe, fspc.exe ,fspex.exe, fssm32.exe: F-Secure Anti-Virus.

fsbwlan.exe: F-Secure BackWeb LAN Access.

fservice.exe: Backdoor.Prorat Trojan.

fsg.exe, fsg_3202.exe, fsg_4104.exe: spyware.

fsrremos.exe: IBM Mouse Suite.

fsscrctl.exe: Stardust Screen Saver Toolkit.

fsw.exe: parasite virus.

ftp.exe: a Windows process.

ftpsched.exe: WS_FTP FTP client.

ftpte.exe: CuteFTP Tranfer Engine.

fts.exe: Broadband Access application.

fvprotect.exe: Worm.Netsky.P.

fwcagent.exe: Microsoft Firewall Client Agent.

fwenc.exe: Check Point Software.

fws.exe: Radialpoint Internet Security Suite Firewall Service.

fxredir.exe: MultiPASS Fax Redirector.


g2comm.exe, g2pre.exe, g2svc.exe, g2tray.exe: Citrix GoToMyPC.

ga311.exe: Netgear GA311 Adapter Configuration Ut.

gamechannel.exe: online gaming.

gameutil.exe: ATI chipset.

gammatray.exe: MagicTune utility.

gator.exe: Gator advertising program.

gbtray.exe: Roxio GoBack program.

gcascleaner.exe: Giant/Microsoft AntiSpyware product.

gcasdtserv.exe: Microsoft AntiSpyware tool.

gcasinstallhelper.exe, gcasnotice.exe, gcasserv.exe, gcasservalert.exe, gcasswupdater.exe: Giant/Microsoft AntiSpyware product.

gcc.exe: LinkSys Wireless LAN NICs.

gciptohostqueue.exe: a DLL file from a company called "NA".

gdonkey.exe: Edonkey 2000 peer-to-peer networking tool.

gear311t.exe, gear511.exe: Netgear Wireless LAN devices.

gearsec.exe: Gear CD & DVD writing software.

general.exe: RapidBlaster spyware and adware.

gesfm32.exe: RANDEX.C virus.

getflash.exe: Macromedia Flash Player Updater.

getright.exe: download manager.

gfxacc.exe: GIBE VIRUS.

ghostexp.exe, ghosttray.exe: Norton Ghost.

ghoststartservice.exe, ghosts~2.exe: Norton Systemworks utility.

giantantispywaremain.exe: Microsoft AntiSpyware application.

giantantispywareupdater.exe: Giant Anti Spyware.

gmt.exe: spyware.

gnetmous.exe: Genius PowerScroll.

gnotify.exe: GMail account.

go.exe: download manager.

googledcc.exe: GoogleDCC toolbar.

googledesktop.exe, googledesktopcrawl.exe, googledesktopindex.exe, googledesktopoe.exe, googleearth.exe, googlefah.exe, googlefahcore_65.exe, googletalk.exe, googlewebaccclient.exe: Google utility.

gozilla.exe: download manager.

gra.exe: Gateway Resource Agent.

graph.exe: Microsoft Office suite.

grpwise.exe: Novell Groupwise's E-mail client.

gsicon.exe: Eicon modem connection monitoring tool.

gtwatch.exe: Mustek scanner.

gwhotkey.exe: Gateway keyboard.

gwmdmpi.exe: a patch from Gateway.

gwsystemservice.exe: Genesis World Applikations server.

gwum.exe: Gigabyte Motherboards.


hacker.exe: Trojan.Esteems.E Trojan.

hbinst.exe, hbsrv.exe: spyware.

hcontrol.exe: utility by Asus.

hdashcut.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

hdaudpropshortcut.exe: Universal Audio Architecture Audio class driver.

heat.exe: trojan virus.

helpctr.exe: Windows operating system.

helper.exe: SpeedUpMyPC by LIUtilities.

helpexp.exe: spyware.

helphost.exe: Windows operating systems.

helpinst.exe: WinAce installation.

helpsvc.exe: Microsoft Help and Support Center.

heomstool.exe: Trojan.Heoms virus.

hh.exe: viewing Help files and other CHM files.

hhw.exe: Microsoft HTML Help Workshop utility.

hidden32.exe: malicious application.

hidserv.exe: Microsoft Human Interface Device Audio Service.

hijackthis.exe: application for displaying all the add-ons.

hjgerhds.exe: W32.Sober.T@mm worm.

hjym.exe: trojan horse virus.

hkcmd.exe: Intel Hotkey Command.

hkserv.exe: Sony hot key configuration.

hkss.exe: application from compaq.

hkwnd.exe: Sony Vaio notebooks.

hloader.exe, hloader_exe.exe: Trojan.Lodear Variant worm.

homesite5.exe: HomeSite.

hookdump.exe: Hookdump trojan.

hot.exe: trojan virus.

hotkey.exe: OneTouchHotKey Application.

hotkeyapp.exe: Acer Acer Launch Manager.

hotkeyscmds.exe: Intel Extreme Graphics Hot Key Interceptor.

hotsync.exe: Synchronisation of Palm-based PDAs.

hottray.exe: eFax application.

hpb2ksrv.exe: HP Status Montioring Service.

hpbootop.exe: HP Boot Optimizer.

hpbpro.exe: Hewlett Packard printers.

hpbpsttp.exe: HP Toolbox Startup software.

hpdrv.exe, hphmon03.exe, hphmon04.exe, hphmon06.exe, hphupd04.exe, hphupd05.exe, hphupd06.exe, hplamp.exe, hpnra.exe, hpobnz08.exe, hpoddt01.exe, hpodev07.exe, hpoevm06.exe, hpoevm07.exe, hpoevm09.exe, hpogrp07.exe, hpohmr08.exe, hpoipm07.exe, hpoojd07.exe, hpoopm07.exe, hposol08.exe, hpqcmon.exe, hpqgalry.exe, hpqste08.exe, hpqwmi.exe, hprblog.exe, hpsjvxd.exe, hpsysdrv.exe, hptasks.exe, hptskmgr.exe, hpwebjetd.exe, hpwuschd.exe, hpwuschd2.exe, hpzstatn.exe, hpzts04.exe, hpztsb01.exe, hpztsb02.exe, hpztsb03.exe, hpztsb06.exe, hpztsb07.exe, hpztsb08.exe, hpztsb09.exe, hpztsb10.exe, hpztsb11.exe, hpztsbol.exe: HP systems.

hpfsched.exe: HP Deskjet Printing devices.

hpmanager.exe: TROJ_SUA.A worm.

hs-bot.exe: worms and t.

htmdeng.exe: Aureate trojan .

htpatch.exe: SiS drivers.

hxdl.exe, hxiul.exe: Adware.

hypertrm.exe: Microsoft HyperTerminal tool.


i8kfangui.exe: Dell Laptop's fan control mechanism.

iaanotif.exe, iaantmon.exe: Application Accelerator from Intel.

iam.exe: Internet Answering Machine application from CallWave.

iamapp.exe: Norton Internet Security.

iap.exe: Dell's OpenManage Client Instrumentation.

ibguard.exe: InterBase Server software from Borland.

ibmmessages.exe, ibmpmsvc.exe, ibmsmbus.exe: IBM systems.

ibmprc.exe: ibmprc Application.

ibserver.exe: InterBase Server from Borland.

icepack.exe: Norton Antivirus.

iclean.exe: IEClean utility.

ico.exe: used by various mouse devices.

icon.exe: RapidBlaster parasite virus.

iconfig.exe: USB device diagnostics.

iconmgr.exe: IconMgr from E-Color.

icq.exe, icqlite.exe: ICQ application.

icsmgr.exe: relays all DNS and DCHP requests.

icwconn2.exe, icwtutor.exe: Windows Connection wizard .

idbsvr.exe: ACDSee application.

idriver.exe, idrivert.exe: InstallShield product installation service.

iedll.exe: hijacks the browser, adware.

iedriver.exe: adware and spyware application.

iexpiore.exe: Troj/Oblivion-B Trojan.

iexplore.exe: Windows operating system.

iexplore32.exe: SPEX virus.

iexplorer.exe: RapidBlaster parasite adware.

iface.exe: Panda Internet Security Suite.

ifrmewrk.exe: Intel PRO/Set Wireless software.

igfxext.exe: Intel based network hardware.

igfxpers.exe: Common User Interface module from Intel.

igfxtray.exe: Intel graphics system.

image.exe: Added by the W32/Sdbot-AAQ worm.

imagedrive.exe, infotool.exe: Ahead Nero.

imageready.exe: Adobe ImageReady.

imapi.exe: Image Mastering API.

imapp.exe: IncrediMail.

imekrmig.exe: Microsoft Office suite.

imgstart.exe: Iomega ZIP drives .

imguninst.exe: adware.

imiconxp.exe: Iomega REV Drives.

imjpmig.exe: Microsoft Input Method Editor.

imlua.exe: Internet Manager Lightweight User Authentication module.

imonnt.exe: Intel motherboard monitoring software.

imontray.exe: Intel Active Monitor Component.

imscinst.exe: translation component from Microsoft.

incd.exe, incdsrv.exe: Ahead Nero.

incmail.exe, incredimail.exe: Incredimail e-mail program.

indexsearch.exe: ScanSoft PaperPort.

inetd32.exe: Hummingbird Inetd application.

inetinfo.exe: IIS Debugger.

inetkb.exe: Internet Keyboard.

infomyca.exe: Wireless-G Network Monitor.

infopath.exe: Microsoft Office InfoPath application.

informe.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

infus.exe: Adult content dialer.

inicio.exe: Panda Anti-Virus.

initsdk.exe: Lexware's ReweSdk product.

inorpc.exe, inort.exe, inotask.exe: eTrust Anti-virus.

installdashbar.exe: Claria advertising program.

instantaccess.exe: Xerox's Textbridge OCR software.

instantdrive.exe: Pinnacle's CD writing software.

instmsiw.exe: Windows Installer Service.

intdel.exe: adware and spyware.

intel32.exe: unidentified Malware.

intell32.exe: Desktophijack Trojan.

intelmem.exe: Intel Modem Event Monitor.

internat.exe: multi-lingual features.

internet.exe: MAGICCALL virus.

intmon.exe, intmonp.exe: Puper-D Trojan.

ipccheck.exe: Ipass wireless network access points.

ipclient.exe: Verizon app.

ipmon32.exe: Verizon which monitors.

ipodmanager.exe, ipodservice.exe, ipodwatcher.exe: iPod music player.

ipssvc.exe: VPN client service.

iptray.exe: Intel Desktop Utilities Tray Program.

irasyncd.exe: IRASHoul Trojan.

ireike.exe: Microsoft virtual private network client.

irmon.exe: monitors the Infrared ports.

isafe.exe: Used by Antivirus applications.

isass.exe: virus.

isbmgr.exe: Sony's ISB Utility.

isburnwatcher.exe: HP Updater Utility.

isignup.exe: Internet Connection Signup Wizard process.

islp2sta.exe: Windows Update for wireless NIC drivers.

ismserv.exe: send and receive messages.

ispsupport.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

isqlw.exe: Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyzer.

issdaemon.exe: Internet Security Systems.

isstart.exe: Logitech QuickCam webcams.

istsvc.exe: adult material.

isuspm.exe: InstallShield Update Service.

itmoh.exe: Lucent Modem.

itouch.exe: Logitech keyboard.

ituneshelper.exe: iTunes or iPod users.

ivpsvmgr.exe: Toshiba and controls Software.

iwctrl.exe: NovaDisk InsertWrite.

ixapplet.exe: display images.


jammer2nd.exe: NETSKY.Z Worm.

java.exe, javaw.exe, javaws.exe: Java Virtual Machine runtime.

jdbgmrg.exe: TROJ_DASMIN.B virus.

jetcar.exe: download accelerator.

jif.exe: W32.Mytob.MK@mm Worm.

jntview.exe: Tablet PC.

jrun.exe, jrunsvc.exe: Macromedia ColdFusion Server.

jucheck.exe, jusched.exe, jushed.exe: Java utility.

jushed32.exe: CoolWebSearch Adware.


kav.exe, kavmm.exe, kavsvc.exe: Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

kazaa.exe: popular P2P file sharing application.

kazaalite.exe: P2P file sharing.

kazoom.exe: spyware.

kazza.exe: Backdoor.OptixPro.12.c.

kb891711.exe: Windows Security update process.

kbd.exe, kbdtray.exe: Logitech keyboards.

keenvalue.exe: adware.

kencapi.exe: proxy server application.

kencli.exe: AVM Ken! Server.

kencron.exe, kendns.exe, kenftpgw.exe, keninet.exe, kenmail.exe, kenmap.exe, kenproxy.exe, kenserv.exe, kensocks.exe, kentbcli.exe: proxy server application.

kernal32.exe, kernal64.exe: Backdoor.Doly Trojan.

kernel32.exe: Trojan.PSW.Gip, Worm.

kernels32.exe: DLOADER-FC Trojan.

keybdmgr.exe: Keyboard Manager.

keyhook.exe: Acer Launch manager.

keylogger.exe: virus.

keyman.exe: Cherry keyboard.

keymap.exe: map keys on your keyboard.

keymgr.exe: WORM_DONK.M.

keystate.exe: displays the status of your Caps Lock key.

keystone.exe: NVidia nView Control Panel.

keyword.exe: hijacker virus.

khalmnpr.exe: Logitech mice.

khooker.exe: SIS Control Console.

kl.exe: Trojan.Anserin Trojan.

klipfolio.exe: Serence KlipFolio application.

kmw_run.exe: Kensington mice drivers.

knlwrap.exe: unclassified keylogger.

kodakccs.exe: drivers for Kodak Digital Cameras.

kodakimage.exe: imaging program.

kodakprv.exe: imaging preview program.

kodorjan.exe: Kodorjan Trojan.

kpf4gui.exe, kpf4ss.exe: Kerio Personal Firewall.

krxz.exe: spyware.

kw[1].exe: process has spyware or adware.


lanbrup.exe: adware.

languard.exe: Internet monitoring software.

lao.exe: Intel AMS2 alerts.

launch.exe: Vantarakis Launch Application.

launch32.exe: Microsoft System Management Server.

launchap.exe: tools for your Acer product.

launchapplication.exe: Nokia PC Suite.

launcher.exe: Spyware.

launchpd.exe: ATI Multimedia Launch Pad.

layer.exe: W32.Mogi Trojan.

lcfd.exe: Tivoli desktop management system.

ldmconf.exe: Logitech products.

lexbces.exe: Lexmark MarkVision.

lexplore.exe: SODABOT VIRUS.

lexpps.exe: Lexmark products.

lexstart.exe: diagnostics functions.

lic98rmt.exe: License Client software.

lightbox.exe: Lightbox file browser.

lights.exe: System tray bar application.

limewire.exe: LimeWire Peer to Peer file-sharing client.

livenote.exe: drivers for Asus graphic cards.

livesrv.exe: BitDefender Security Update Service.

liveupdate.exe: Spyware Doctor LiveUpdate.

lmgrd.exe: Macrovision application-generic license server.

lmonitor.exe: Utility for MSI motherboards.

lmpdpsrv.exe: Lexmark printer.

load.exe: Nimda-A Worm.

load32.exe: NIBU, BAMBO and DUMARU viruses.

loader.exe: webpage hijacks.

loadqm.exe: MSN Queue Manager.

loadwc.exe: Load WebCheck.

locator.exe: maintains the database.

lockx.exe: W32/Sdbot-ADD worm.

logi_mwx.exe: Logictech MouseWare.

logitechdesktopmessenger.exe: Logitech Desktop Messenger.

logitray.exe: Logitech Image Studio.

logmein.exe: LogMeIn utility.

logmeinsystray.exe: LogMeIn utility.

logonmgr.exe: MSN Internet Access service.

logwatnt.exe: Computer Associates.

lorena.exe: MAPSON.C virus.

lowlight.exe: Logitech WebCams.

lsa.exe, lsserv.exe: WIN32.RBOT Trojan Variant.

lsadst.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

lsass.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

lsass32.exe: w32/Randex.AR worm.

lsassa.exe: CIADOOR.122 Trojan.

lsasss.exe: w32/Sasser.E Worm.

lsburnwatcher.exe: LightScribe from HP.

lserver.exe: Microsoft Windows Server.

lssrvc.exe: Light Scribe software from HP.

ltcm000c.exe: XirCom and Lucent internal modems.

ltmoh.exe, ltmsg.exe, ltsmmsg.exe: Lucent technologies.

luall.exe: Symantec LiveUpdate.

lucallbackproxy.exe, lucomserver.exe: Norton/Symantec Internet Security.

lvcoms.exe, lvprcsrv.exe: Logitech QuickCam home cameras.

lwemon.exe: Logitech Wingman software.

lxbabmgr.exe, lxbbmgr.exe, lxbfbmgr.exe, lxbfbmon.exe, lxbkbmgr.exe, lxbkbmon.exe, lxbmbmgr.exe, lxbmbmon.exe, lxbrcmon.exe, lxbucoms.exe, lxbumon.exe, lxdboxcp.exe: Lexmark Series Printers.

lxrjd31s.exe: Lexar Jump USB Thumb Drives.


ma.exe: Spyware.

mace.exe: ATI graphics hardware.

macname.exe: Conversions Plus tool.

mad.exe: Microsoft.

magnify.exe: Microsoft Magnifier accessibility tool.

maileet.exe: Utility to send files using mail servers.

mailskinner.exe: Mail Skinner e-mail application.

mailwasher.exe: FireTrust MailWasher Pro.

main.exe: SpyCop surveillance software.

mainserv.exe: PowerChute power management utility.

malwhere.exe: Software for displaying and identifying malicious processes.

manager.exe: trojan horse virus.

manifestengine.exe: Logitech camera products.

mapiicon.exe: broadband modem's diagnostic tools.

mapisp32.exe: Microsoft applications.

mapisvc32.exe: FPAI adware.

marker.exe: SMART Board Software.

matcli.exe: support system tool.

mathchk.exe: Real Networks RealOne Player.

mathematica.exe: .

matlab.exe: Mathematica technical computing software.

mbm4.exe, mbm5.exe: Motherboard Monitor tool.

mc.exe: count Mouse Clicks.

mcagent.exe, mcappins.exe, mcdash.exe, mcdetect.exe, mcepoc.exe, mcepocfg.exe, mcinfo.exe, mcmnhdlr.exe, mcpalmcfg.exe, mcregwiz.exe, mcshield.exe, mcshield.exe, mcshld9x.exe, mctskshd.exe, mcupdate.exe, mcvsshld.exe, mcwce.exe, mcwcecfg.exe: McAfee Internet Security Suite.

mcdlc.exe: Microsoft Office family of products.

mcpserver.exe: Stardock.

mcrdsvc.exe: Microsoft Windows Media Center.

md.exe: web hijacker application.

mdm.exe: Machine Debug Manager.

mdms.exe: W32/SdBot-CH Trojan.

mdnsresponder.exe: Bonjour for Windows software.

medgs1.exe: PacerD Adware.

mediadetect.exe: Corel Photo Album.

mediaman.exe: spyware.

memokit2.exe: MemoKit.

memoptimizer.exe: TuneUp Utilities.

memorymeter.exe: Grokster peer-to-peer file sharing suite..

messenger.exe: Pelican Messenger fax and e-mail suite.

mfin32.exe: adware program and downloader.

mgabg.exe, mgactrl.exe, mgaqdesk.exe, mgasc.exe: Matrox BIOS guard process.

mgavrtcl.exe, mghtml.exe: McAfee antivirus software.

mgui.exe: BullGuard antivirus.

mgutrc.exe: AdLogix advertising program.

mhotkey.exe: Chicony keyboard.

microsoft.exe: GAOBOT worm.

mim.exe: Musicmatch Jukebox software.

minilog.exe: ZoneAlarm firewall.

mirc.exe: mIRC Internet Relay Chat utility.

mirc32.exe: Backdoor.IRC.Spybuzz Trojan.

mis.exe: Microsoft Money planning application.

mixer.exe: C-Media chipset.

mixersel.exe: Realtek Audio devices.

mksc.exe: RelevantKnowledge Spyware.

mm.exe: Trojan.Spamforo worm.

mm_server.exe, mmtask.exe, mmtray.exe: MusicMatch Jukebox.

mmc.exe: Windows operating system.

mmdiag.exe: MusicMatch Jukebox.

mmhotkey.exe: Dritek Communications.

mmkeybd.exe: One-Touch Multimedia keyboard range.

mmod.exe: Spyware.

mmtray2k.exe, mmtraylsi.exe: Morgan Multimedia codec set.

mmups.exe: Roimoi/Media-Motor adware.

mmusbkb2.exe: Multimedia USB Keyboard Driver 2.

mnsvc.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

mnybbsvc.exe, mnyexpr.exe, mnyschdl.exe: Microsoft Money.

mobsync.exe: Microsoft Synchronization Manager.

monitor.exe: monitoring Windows NT Server Performance.

monitr32.exe: CanonMulti-PASS prniter series.

monwow.exe: Norton CleanSweep.

morpheus.exe: file sharing tool.

mosearch.exe: Microsoft Office XP Fast Search.

motivebrowser.exe: Verizon Online Motive Browser.

motmon.exe: Motive Monitor.

mouse.exe: Microsoft DirectX.

mouse32a.exe: 'browsing mouse' facility.

mousebm.exe: Esbot Worm.

moviemk.exe: Microsoft's Movie Maker application.

movieplace.exe: MalWare.

movieplayer.exe: QuickTime movie player.

mozilla.exe: Mozilla Internet Browser.

mpapi3s.exe: Nokia's mobile phone connectivity suite.

mpbtn.exe: Comcast Cable.

mpcmdrun.exe: Microsoft Windows Defender Antispyware.

mpeng.exe, mpssvc.exe: MS OneCare Live.

mpf.exe, mpfagent.exe, mpfconsole.exe, mpfservice.exe, mpftray.exe: McAfee Internet Security suite.

mplayer2.exe: Windows Media Player.

mprexe.exe: network client, protocol.

mpservic.exe: Canon MultiPASS printers.

mpsetup.exe: Windows Media Player Installer.

mptbox.exe: MultiPASS Tool Box.

mqtgsvc.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

mr2kserv.exe: Dell OpenManage.

mrjj.exe: Puper-E Trojan virus.

mrkscr.exe: RelevantKnowledge.

mrouterconfig.exe, mrouterruntime.exe: Intuwave Connection Manager.

mrtstub.exe: malware.

msaa.exe: Dldr.WinSh.AC.02 downloader virus.

msaccess.exe: Microsoft Access.

msams.exe: WORM_RBOT.AHR/X virus.

msapp.exe: RSBOT virus.

msascui.exe: Microsoft Windows Defender Antispyware.

msbb.exe: adware.

msblast.exe: Internet worm.

msbntray.exe: Microsoft Broadband Networking Software.

msc32.exe: IRC backdoor Trojan.

mscache.exe: adware.

msccn32.exe: Win32.Sobig.B@mm (Palyh) virus.

mscifapp.exe: McAfee Privacy Service.

mscman.exe: ad virus.

mscnsz.exe: W32.Rbot.HQ Trojan.

mscommand.exe: W32.Kwbot.P.Worm.

msconfgh.exe: WORM_MYTOB.NB Trojan.

msconfig.exe: Microsoft.

msconfig32.exe: W32.Tulu virus.

mscornet.exe: Troj/Zlob-AO Trojan.

mscorsvw.exe: Microsoft .NET Framework.

mscvb32.exe: worm.

msd.exe: Process Used To Determine What Serial Ports.

msdef.exe: Trojan.W32.Secefa trojan.

msdef3.exe: Trojan/Backdoor.

msdm.exe: MULDROP.352 virus.

msdtc.exe: Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinate.

mse7.exe: microsoft.

msg32.exe: GigaStudio and GigaSampler music sampling software.

msgloop.exe: Conexant WaveStream Message Server.

msgplus.exe: MSN Messenger.

msgsrv32.exe: Windows Message Server.

msgsys.exe: LANDesk.

mshta.exe: run HTA files.

msicuu.exe: Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility.

msiexec.exe: Windows Installer Component.

msiexec16.exe: Troj/OptixP-13 Trojan.

msimn.exe: Microsoft Outlook Express application.

mskagent.exe, mskdetct.exe: McAfee SpamKiller.

mslaugh.exe: W32.Blaster.E.Worm worm.

msmdsrv.exe: Microsoft SQL Server.

msmgs.exe: W32.Alcarys.B, W32.Alcarys.G worm.

msmgt.exe: Adware and home page hijacker.

msmoney.exe: Microsoft Money.

msmpeng.exe: Microsoft Windows Defender Antispyware.

msmpsvc.exe: Microsoft Windows OneCare Live.

msmsg.exe: Backdoor.Prorat.10b3 Trojan.

msmsgr.exe, msnmsgr.exe: MSN Messenger.

msmsgri32.exe: RANDEX.D virus.

msmsgs.exe: Windows Messenger application.

msnappau.exe: MSN Toolbar.

msncc.exe, msniasvc.exe: MSN Internet Access.

msndc.exe: MSN Internet service.

msngather.exe, msnindex.exe, msnladmin.exe: MSN toolbar.

msnlive.exe: mass-mailing worm.

msnserve.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

msnst32.exe: RBOT Worm.

msoff.exe: Trojan.W32.Renver.

msoffice.exe: Microsoft Office Suite.

msoobe.exe: Windows Product Activation.

mspaint.exe: Microsoft Paint application.

mspath.exe: BackDoor.SdBot Trojan.

mspmspsv.exe: Windows Media Player 7.

mspmspv.exe: Chum-A Trojan.

mspub.exe: Microsoft Publisher product.

msqry32.exe: Microsoft Office family of product.

msrexe.exe: ICQ Trojan.

msscli.exe, msssrv.exe: McAfee AntiSpyware.

mssearch.exe: Microsoft SQL Server.

mssearchnet.exe: Trojan.Zlob.D Trojans.

mssecure.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

msssort.exe: Maxtor Drag and Sort.

msstat.exe: Sony Corporation & SmartDisk Corporation.

mssvc.exe: used to hide folders, files, and applications.

msseces.exe: Microsoft Security Essentials.

mssvr.exe: 2020 Internet Search Toolbar.

msswchx.exe: adware.

mssys.exe: MYSS.B virus.

mstask.exe: Windows Task Scheduler.

mstasks.exe: W32.Mydoom.FP@mm Worm.

mstcpmon.exe: W32.Monikey@mm Worm.

mstcs.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

mstordb.exe: Microsoft Office Suite.

mstore.exe: Microsoft Clip Organizer.

mstsc.exe: Microsoft Terminal Services Commands.

msupdate.exe: spyware and adware application.

msuser.exe: Media Center Receiver Service.

msvcmm32.exe: process by

msvgr.exe: W32.Mytob.LE@mm Worm.

msvxd.exe: Win32 worm.

mswheel.exe: Microsoft Intellimouse mice.


mswmcls.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

msworks.exe: Microsoft Works.

msxml3msms.exe: Microsoft XML Installation Utility.

mt.exe: a backdoor vulnerability.

mtask.exe: Troj/Banker-GQ Worm.

mtdacq.exe: MediaSniffer application.

mtx.exe: generating MTS objects.

muamgr.exe: MicroAngelo 5.x.

mups.exe: Sentry Bulldog utility.

musirc4.71.exe: W32/Randex-QA Trojan.

mwd.exe: W32/Graps-A worm.

mwsnap.exe: MWSnap ScreenCapture Utility.

mxadmin.exe: Zultys MX administration program.

mxoaldr.exe: Matrox drivers.

mxtask.exe: V communications Fix-It utilities.

mxuser.exe: Zultys MXIE Client.

myfastupdate.exe: a toolbar from


nail.exe: web hijacker.

naimag32.exe: Network Associates anti-virus protection suite.

nalntsrv.exe: Novell client for Windows.

namedpipe.exe: W32.Mytob.LO@mm.

narrator.exe: Narrator accessibility feature on Windows XP.

naturalcolorload.exe: Natural Color.

navapp.exe: NavExcel adware.

navapsvc.exe, navapw32.exe, navw32.exe: Norton AntiVirus.

naviscope.exe: browser add-on.

navpass.exe: malware.

nbj.exe, nbr.exe: Nero Back It Up.

nbthlp.exe: W32.Toxbot.AL Trojan.

nclaunch.exe: SWF Studio.

ncltray.exe: Nokia Connection manager.

nddeagnt.exe: Network Dynamic Data Exchange Agent.

ndetect.exe: Norton LiveUpdate.

ndstray.exe: ConfigFree Traybar utility.

neo.exe: Price Patrol.

neocapture.exe, neocopy.exe, neodvd.exe, neodvdstd.exe, nerocheck.exe, nerosmartstart.exe, nerosvc.exe: NeoDVD.

neotrace.exe: McAfee Internet Security suite.

nero.exe: Price Patrol.

net.exe: used by several applications.

net1.exe: Windows Operating System.

netd32.exe: aware worm.

netdde.exe: Network DDE server.

netddeclnt.exe: Codbot-M Worm.

netdevsw.exe: Toshiba notebooks.

netinfo.exe: Tilebot-J Worm.

netlib.exe: Crater-A Trojan/Worm.

netlimiter.exe: internet bandwidth limitation tool.

netmail.exe: TrojanSpy.NetMail virus.

netmeeting.exe: Lovgate worm.

netmon.exe: mass-mailing worm.

netscape.exe, netscp6.exe: Netscape Navigator.

netsurf.exe: adware.

netsvc.exe: Trojan.W32.Mytob worm.

newdot.exe: adware.

newsupd.exe: MSNBC website.

nfsiod.exe: Trojan virus.

ngctw32.exe: Symantec Ghost Server.

ngen.exe: Microsoft.Net.

ngserver.exe: Symantec Ghost.

nhksrv.exe: provide functionality to keyboards.

nhldaemn.exe: Lotus Notes.

nhostsvc.exe: NetOp Remote Control software.

nicconfigsvc.exe: power management settings.

nicserv.exe: Wireless NICs.

nilaunch.exe: Net-It Launcher application.

nip.exe: Norman Virus Control.

nipsvc.exe: Norman Internet Protection service.

nisum.exe: Norton firewall.

nisvcloc.exe: National Instruments products.

njeeves.exe: Norman Jeeves Component.

nkbmonitor.exe: PictureProject software from Nikon.

nkvmon.exe: Nikon CoolPix camera software.

nlnotes.exe: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino.

nm32.exe, nmbgmonitor.exe: Nero Home.

nmssvc.exe: Intel network cards.

nmstt.exe: SMALL-DT Trojan.

nnservicectrl.exe: Ahead.

nnsvc.exe, nntray.exe: Net Nanny.

noads.exe: Yahoo Messenger.

noat.exe: TROJ_BAGLE.AP Trojan.

nod32krn.exe, nod32kui.exe: NOD32 Antivirus System.

nomoreporn.exe: nod32kui.exe.

nopat.exe: Mitglieder.N Trojan.

nopdb.exe: Norton Speed Disk product.

nor32.exe: monitors your computer.

noserver.exe: Spytech Software.

nostealth.exe: Spytech Software.

notepad.exe: Notepad application.

notepro.exe: Note Pro text editor.

notify.exe: Novell GroupWise application.

notiman.exe: Creative audio hardware .

npfmntor.exe: Norton Antivirus Internet security suite.

npfmsg.exe: Norman Personal Firewall Internet Security suite.

nprotect.exe, npscheck.exe, npssvc.exe: Norton Utilities suite.

nrmenctb.exe: Norman Access Control Privacy.

nscagent.exe: NSCAGENT.

nscheck.exe: spyware.

nscsrvce.exe: Norton Internet Security Suite.

nsl.exe: NetStat Live application.

nslsvice.exe: Lotus Notes software.

nsmdtr.exe: Norton Antivirus.

nssys32.exe: virus.

nstask32.exe: RANDEX.E virus.

nsvr.exe: Backup Exec.

nsvsvc.exe: web hijacker.

nt_usdm.exe: EPoX Motherboards.

ntaskldr.exe, ntmulti.exe: IBM Lotus product suite.

ntbackup.exe: Windows operating system.

ntfrs.exe: maintain file synchronization of file directory.

ntosa32.exe: TROJ_SUA.A Trojan.

ntoskrnl.exe: Microsoft Boot Up Kernel.

ntrights.exe: domain legitimate console-based program.

ntrtscan.exe: Trend Micro Antivirus application.

ntsd.exe: Microsoft symbolic debugger.

ntvdm.exe: run a 16 bit application on a 32 bit operating system.

nutsrv4.exe: NuTCRACKER 4.

nvcoas.exe, nvcsched.exe: Norman Virus Control .

nvcpl.exe: W32.SpyBot.S Worm.

nvctrl.exe: web hijacker.

nvmixertray.exe: software package from NVIDIA.

nvraidservice.exe: nVidia NVRaid.

nvsvc.exe: NVidia chipsets.

nvsvc32.exe, nwiz.exe: NVIDIA graphics card drivers.

nwtray.exe: Novell Netware features.

nwiz.exe: NVIDIA nView Wizard.

nymse.exe: Norman Virus Control Internet Security application.


oasclnt.exe: McAfee VirusScan software.

ocraware.exe: OCR software.

ocxdll.exe: virus.

odometer.exe: mouse cursor.

oeqt4.exe: OE Quick Tools.

ofcdog.exe: Trend Micro Antivirus.

ofcpfwsvc.exe: OfficeScan client from Trend Micro.

office.exe: Lovgate Worm.

officemsoffice.exe: Microsoft Office Toolbar.

offprov.exe: Microsoft Office.

ofps.exe: OmniForm from Scansoft.

ois.exe: Microsoft Office Suite.

olehelp.exe: Trojan.Bookmarker.D.

omaws32.exe: Dell OpenManage.

omniscient.exe: Adware and spyware.

omniserv.exe: OmniPass application.

onenotem.exe: Microsoft Office package.

onetouch.exe: OneTouch backup system.

onfserv.exe: Onfolio application.

onspeedcore.exe: SlipStream Accelerator utility.

onsrvr.exe: Adware.

oodag.exe: O&O Defrag. O&O Defrag is a defragment utility .

opera.exe: Opera Internet browser.

oprotsvc.exe: Ownership Protocol Service.

optimize.exe: several malicious applications that use this process name.

opware12.exe: ScanSoft Omnipage.

opware32.exe: OmniPage Pro software.

opwarese2.exe: OmniPage from Scansoft.

osa.exe: Office Startup Assistant.

osd.exe: OnScreen Display software.

osdmenu.exe: Creative audio hardware.

osk.exe: Spyware.

ossproxy.exe: Oss Proxy-download accelerator.

outlook.exe: Microsoft Office suite.

outpost.exe: Outpost Personal Firewall application.

overclk.exe: overclocking application.

P: .

p2m.exe: Peer2Mail program.

paamsrv.exe: Privacy Expert Suite Software.

packager.exe: Windows operating systems.

packethsvc.exe: Compuserve 2000.

padexe.exe: Toshiba Laptops.

paranoia.exe: P2P application.

partseal.exe: System Back-Up Software.

pascl32.exe: network print service tool.

passrv.exe: Panda Antispam module.

patch.exe: PC-Cillin Antivirus updater.

pav.exe: PER Antivirus utility.

pavfires.exe, pavkre.exe, pavmail.exe, pavprot.exe, pavprsrv.exe, pavsched.exe, pavsrv50.exe, pavsrv51.exe, pavsrv52.exe, pavupg.exe: Panda Antivirus software.

paytime.exe: web hijacker.

pbds.exe: PrimeBase (Adobe) SQL Database Server.

pbeagent.exe: PowerChute Business edition Agent software.

pbeserver.exe: PowerChute Business Edition Server Software.

pcard.exe: Platinum Secure Card Driver.

pcbooster.exe: inKline Global PC Booster.

pccclient.exe, pccntmon.exe, pccntupd.exe, pccnt.exe, pcclient.exe, pccguide.exe, pccpfw.exe: PC-cillin anti virus suite.

pcctlcom.exe: Trend Micro Internet Security suite.

pcfmgr.exe: Power Schemes Manager from Phoenix Technologies.

pchbutton.exe: utility by Hewlett Packard.

pchealth.exe: W32.Cone worm.

pchschd.exe: monitors hardware usage.

pcmm.exe: PC MightyMax application.

pcscan.exe: Trend Micro PC-Cillin Antivirus app.

pcsync.exe, pcsync2.exe: Nokia PC Suite.

pctptt.exe, pctspk.exe, pctvoice.exe: tool for PCTel modems.

pds.exe: Intel LANDesk Management Suite software.

pdsched.exe: Windows Service.

pdvdserv.exe: PowerDVD.

pelmiced.exe: functionality for the scroll wheel.

persfw.exe: Tiny's range of Internet security products.

perstray.exe: Plantronics Persono Audio control center.

pg2.exe: utility for peer-to-peer networking tools.

pg_ctl.exe: PostgreSQL relational database management system.

pgmonitr.exe: adware.

pgptray.exe: Network Assoicates GP.

phantom.exe: TROJ_SUA.A worm.

phbase.exe: Arcost Photobase graphics application.

photoshop.exe, photoshopelementsdeviceconnect.exe, photoshopelementseditor.exe, photoshopelementsfileagent.exe, photoshopelementsorganizer.exe: Adobe Photoshop elements.

picasamediadetector.exe: Picasa.

picsvr.exe: web hijacker.

picx.exe: W32/Mytob-EX Trojan.

pinball.exe: Microsoft's Pinball game.

ping.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

pinger.exe: Background task for Toshiba.

pisf.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

pkjobs.exe: documentation service.

plauto.exe: Casio Photo Loader software.

player.exe: Softsynth player.

playlist.exe: Roxio Easy CD Creator.

plguni.exe: McAfee's QuickClean application.

pmproxy.exe: Analog Devices Audio Hardware.

pmr.exe: web hijacker.

pmxinit.exe: drivers for Kyro graphics cards.

pnagent.exe: Citrix terminal services utility.

pnmsrv.exe: panda platinum internet security.

pntiomon.exe, pop3pack.exe, pop3trap.exe: PC-cillin antivirus software.

point32.exe: Microsoft Intellimouse application.

pointer.exe: Genius USB Mouse Drivers.

poproxy.exe: Norton AntiVirus protection suite.

popupkiller.exe: pop-up stopper from xFX JumpStart.

portaol.exe: Port Magic from Pure Networks.

postgres.exe, postmaster.exe: PostgreSQL relational database management system.

pow.exe: AnalogX Pow.

powerbar.exe: PowerDVD application.

powercheck.exe: Jetech UPS devices.

powerdvd.exe: Cyberlink's PowerDVD application.

powerkey.exe: Acer TravelMate laptops.

powermgr.exe: Lexmark printers Software.

powerpnt.exe: Microsoft Office suite.

powers.exe: utility from the University of Ottawa.

powerscan.exe: spyware and adware application.

ppcontrol.exe: PestPatrol tray application.

ppe.exe: devices from Pinnacle.

ppmemcheck.exe: PestPatrol which disables SpyWare and MalWare.

pptd40nt.exe: ScanSoft PaperPort.

pptview.exe: Viewer.

ppwebcap.exe: Visioneer ScanSoft software.

pqhelper.exe, pqimountsvc.exe, pqinit.exe, pqtray.exe, pqv2isecurity.exe: Powerquest Driveimage.

pqibrowser.exe: Norton Ghost/PowerQuest DriveImage.

pqv2isvc.exe: Norton Ghost.

prdtect.exe: terminate anti-spyware applications.

preload.exe: Millenium Multi-Function Keyboards.

prevsrv.exe: Panda Titanium Antivirus suite.

printnow.exe: Ziff Davis Media.

printray.exe: Utility for Lexmark printers.

printscreen.exe: Small tool used to take screenshots of your desktop.

prismsta.exe: Intersil silicon.

prismsvr.exe: Prism Wireless LAN hardware.

prizesurfer.exe, prmvr.exe: adware.

prmt.exe: spyware.

procguard.exe: enhances you system security.

profiler.exe: Saitek.

proflwiz.exe: Microsoft Office family of products.

promon.exe: Intel Pro network card.

propelac.exe: Propel Accelerator.

prpcui.exe: Power Supply Monitor.

pruttct.exe: Prutect Malware.

ps.exe: Punto Switcher program.

ps2.exe: Hewlett Packard computers.

psdrvcheck.exe: Pinnacle InstantCopy application.

psfree.exe: block advertising popups.

psimsvc.exe: Panda Anti-Virus Titanium suite.

psngive.exe: lite version of Post-it Note.

psnlite.exe: Post-it Software Notes.

pssvc.exe: patch from Microsoft .

pstores.exe: Protected Storage Service.

pstrip.exe: EnTech Power Strip.

pts.exe: drivers for a Kodak camera.

ptsnoop.exe: PCTEL modems.

ptssvc.exe: drivers for Kodak's range of digital cameras.

pull.exe: Interwise Push Client.

purevoice.exe: Eudora mail client.

pvlsvr.exe: Veritas Backup Exec.

pxckdla.exe: Adware.IEPlugin.

python.exe: Python Scripting Tool.


qaccess.exe: Quick Access application.

qagent.exe: Quicken Agent / Quicken Download Manager.

qbdagent2002.exe: QuickBooks sotware updates.

qbreminder.exe: Intuit QuickBooks application.

qbupdate.exe, qbw32.exe: Intuit applications.

qclean.exe: McAfee Internet Security suite.

qconsvc.exe, qctray.exe: IBM ThinkPad Utility.

qcwlicon.exe: process from IBM.

qdcsfs.exe: Cleansweep application.

qoeloader.exe: Qurb AntiSpam.

qoologic.exe: 2nd Thought advertising program.

qserver.exe: Norton Internet Security.

qtaet2s.exe, qtzgacer.exe: Acer.

qtask.exe: Quicken.

qttask.exe: QuickTime Tray Icon.

quickdcf.exe: Fuji digital camera.

quickpar.exe: Archive Verification Tool.

quickres.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

quickset.exe: Dell notebooks.

quicktimeplayer.exe: Apple's Quicktime player.

quicktv.exe: remote control of your TV Tuner.

qvp32.exe: Quick View Plus.


ra_scp.exe, ra_sftp.exe, ra_ssh.exe, raabout.exe, ragui.exe, ramaint.exe, rareboot.exe: 3am Laboratories.

radio.exe: Radio Userland web logging tool.

radiosvr.exe: Wireless LAN devices.

ramsys.exe: Advanced StartUp Manager.

randomdigits.exe: JONBARR.D VIRUS.

rapapp.exe: BlackICE computer Protection firewall.

rapimgr.exe: ActiveSync software from Microsoft.

rar.exe: archiving program.

rasman.exe: Microsoft Remote Access Service.

ravmond.exe: Lovegate.F Trojan.

ravtimer.exe: component of RAV.

ray.exe: hijacks the browser.

rb32.exe: RapidBlaster parasite virus.

rcapi.exe: Elsa (Lapcom) modems.

rcenter.exe: Creative Technology audio hardware.

rcmdsvc.exe: Remote Command Service.

rcsync.exe: malware.

rds.exe: TrojanSpy.Win32.Delf Keylogger.

rdshost.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

reader_sl.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System .

realjbox.exe: Real Jukebox .

realmon.exe: eTrust Antivirus from CA.

realonemessagecenter.exe: Real Networks multimedia.

realplay.exe, realsched.exe, realsched.exe, realshed.exe: RealPlayer.

realpopup.exe: Real Popup utility.

realtray.exe: TROJ_SUA.A backdoor Trojan.

realupd.exe: TROJ_MITGLIED.AF worm.

realupd32.exe: trojan.w32.MITGLIED.

reboot.exe: reboot the computer.

recguard.exe: Windows XP Recovery Partition.

red32secure.exe: Lantronix COM Port Redirector.

redirsvcsc.exe: Lantronix Secure Redirector.

reg.exe: Microsoft Registry Console Tool.

regedit.exe: Windows Registry Editor.

register.exe: AOL parasite LameToy 2000, virus.

registrybooster.exe: UniBlue Systems Registry Booster application.

regloadr.exe: OPTIXPRO.11 virus.

regsrv.exe: OPTIXPRO.11 virus.

regsrvc.exe: Intel ProSet range of network communications products.

regsvc.exe: Remote Registry Service.

regsvc32.exe: hijacks the browser.

regsync.exe: Spyware.

remind.exe: register software.

remind32.exe: register your ScanSoft solution.

remind_xp.exe: SoftThinks CD Creator CD/DVD Writer.

reminder.exe: Microsoft Money.

remote.exe: W32.Fanbot.A@mm worm.

remotelyanywhere.exe: 3am Laboratories.

remoterm.exe: Pinnacle PCTV Pro card.

removecpl.exe: Belkin Wireless.

removed.exe: GatorCheat adware downloader.

remupd.exe: Panda software.

requester.11.exe: Trojan.Muquest.

res.exe: USB Storage Toolbox.

resetservice.exe: Windows XP Activation Hack tool.

retrorun.exe: Dantz Development Retrospect Backup.

retrospect.exe: Dantz Retrospect.

rfagent.exe: Registry First Aid.

rftray.exe: Logitech QuickCam computer video camera.

rhaphlpr.exe: Rhapsody Music Subscription Service Software.

rlid.exe: LIXY Backdoor virus.Lixy is a backdoor Trojan horse.

rlvknlg.exe: RelevantKnowledge Adware.

rm_sv.exe: Sony GigaPocket multimedia entertainment center.

rmctrl.exe: Power DVD Remote Control.

rnaapp.exe: Windows Dial-Up Networking application.

rnathchk.exe, rndal.exe: Real Networks RealOne Player.

rnav.exe: Norton products from your computer.

robotaskbaricon.exe: startup entry named RoboForm.

rosnmgr.exe: Reachout Manager.

route.exe: MS-DOS executable from Windows.

rpcclient.exe: with the Codbot-L Worm.

rpcmon.exe: RANDEX Worm.

rpcss.exe: Remote Procedure Call Service.

rpdflchr.exe: 1-Step PDF generator.

rrpcsb.exe: Rapid Restore from XPoint.

rscmpt.exe: emulate the GeForce 64 MB MX video card's full 64 MB memory.

rsmsink.exe: Removable Storage Manager.

rsrcmtr.exe: Removable Storage Manager.

rsvp.exe: Resource Reservation Protocol.

rteng7.exe: Adaptive Server Anywhere.

rthdcpl.exe: Realtek HD Audio Control Panel.

rtlrack.exe: RealTek audio player .

rtmanager.exe, rtmc.exe, rtmservice.exe: remote task manager remote control suite.

rtos.exe: Phar Lap ETS 12.0 software.

rtvscan.exe, rtvscn95.exe: Norton Anti-Virus.

rulaunch.exe: Updater for McAfee VirusScan.

run32dll.exe: key recorder virus.

rundl32.exe: W32/Agobot-TO virus.

rundll.exe, rundll16.exe: backdoor Trojan.

rundll32.exe: Windows operating system.

runonce.exe: installing new software.

runservice.exe: eLicense licensing systems.

ruxdll32.exe: W32.Mapson.D.Worm.

rz.exe: 3am Laboratories.


s.exe: Trojan horse.

s24evmon.exe: wireless network interface devices configurations .

s3tray2.exe: drivers for your S3 video output device.

saccu.exe: W32.Looksky.A/D Worm.

sachostb.exe, sachostc.exe, sachostm.exe, sachostp.exe, sachosts.exe, sachostw.exe, sachostx.exe: W32.Looksky.A,D,E Worm.

sage.exe: performs system tuning tasks.

sagent2.exe: Epson Printer Status Agent utility.

sahagent.exe: spyware.

saimon.exe: Saimon WriteDVD application.

saismart.exe: Game Controller Software from Saitek.

saproxy.exe: bloomba SpamAssassin.

sass.exe: Troj/Funsta-A Trojan.

satmat.exe: Spyware and adware.

save.exe: Adware.Savenow.

savenow.exe: Adware-SaveNow.

savscan.exe: Norton Antivirus scans.

savservice.exe: Sophos Anti-Virus Software.

sbcmstrt.exe: Small Business Customer Manager.

sbdrvdet.exe: Creative SoundBlaster Drivers.

sbhc.exe: Internet Explorer plug-in.

sbserv.exe: Symantec's Norton Antivirus.

sbsetup.exe: SoftBars software.

sc.exe: spyware.

scam32.exe: SIRCAM virus.

scan32.exe: McAfee's Antivirus scanning system.

scandisk.exe: Microsoft Windows utility.

scanexplicit.exe: Norton Internet Security Suite.

scanmailoutlook.exe: PC-cillin anti virus suite.

scanregistry.exe: TROJ_SVHOOST.A Trojan.

scanregw.exe: check the integrity of the Windows registry.

scanserver.exe: Netgear network print servers.

scards32.exe: Towitoko Smart Card Reader Driver.

scardsvr.exe: Smart Card authentication.

scardsvr32.exe: MOFEI.B virus.

sccenter.exe: Compaq laptop

scchost.exe: DONK virus.

schdpl32.exe: Microsoft's Schedule+ application.

sched.exe: AntiVir.

schedhlp.exe: Acronis True Image application.

schedul2.exe: Acronis True Image.

schedule.exe: Acronis Disk Imaging suite.

scheduler.exe, schedulerv2.exe: Leader Technologies.

schost.exe: W32.HLLW.Torvil@mm virus.

schsvr.exe: InterVideo WinDVD software.

schupd.exe: Trend Micro Anti Virus Software.

schwizex.exe: track the changes to the registry.

scm.exe: manage all services running on windows.

scrfs.exe: Symbian Connect application.

scrigz.exe: W32/Mytob-ER Worm.

scrss.exe: HacDef-R Trojan.

scrsvr.exe: OPASERV virus.

scrtkfg.exe: WIN32.RBOT Trojan .

scsiaccess.exe: Alcohol 120% software.

scureapp.exe: OmniPass application.

scvhost.exe: Worm which tries to disguise by using a similar name of important Windows system process.

sdhelp.exe: Spyware Doctor.

sdii.exe: Microtek Scanner Console.

sdstat.exe: Toshiba.

sealmon.exe: SealedMedia.

securitycenter.exe: Aluria anti-spyware product .

selfcert.exe: VBScript Self Certification.

sempalong.exe: W32.Rontokbro.K@mm Worm.

sens.exe: Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.

sentry.exe: determine your geographical location.

sentstrt.exe: Rainbow Sentinel drivers.

servce.exe: W32.Mytob.MR@mm worm.

server.exe: Novell's server suite.

servic.exe: Rbot worm variant.

service.exe: Worm.Win32.Raleka virus.

service5.exe: Gaobot worm.

servicelayer.exe: Nokia Connectivity Library software.

services.exe: services of Microsoft Windows.

sessmgr.exe: Microsoft's remote assistance windows plug.

sethook.exe: MediaFACE software suite.

seti@home.exe: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

seticon.exe: 6-in-1 Media Card devices.

setlang.exe: Microsoft Office family of products.

setpoint.exe: Logitech SetPoint Event Manager.

setup.exe: Common setup application for software.

sf.exe: WIN32.FAVADD.O Trojan.

sfc32.exe: W32.Monikey@mm Worm.

sgbhp.exe: SpyWareGuard.

sgmain.exe: SpywareGuard Internet Security Utility .

sgtray.exe: System tray bar application.

shadowbar.exe: Hewlett-Packard resource center.

shareaza.exe: Shareaza P2P client.

sharedprem.exe: application by curious labs.

shellsystem.exe: Trojan.Upchan virus.

shine.exe: HAPPYLOW virus.

shnlog.exe: Troj/Puper-A trojan.

showbehind.exe: Adware.

shpc32.exe: monitor ports for Lexmark printers.

shstart.exe: ON Technology.

shwicon.exe: Allnet USB 6 in 1 Card Reader.

shwiconem.exe: Digital Media USB Reader.

si.exe: W32.Yimper Trojan.

sifxinst.exe: Lanovation Prism.

silent.exe: Compaq Knowledge Center.

silent_setup[1].exe: adware.

simailproxyserver.exe: Giant Spam Inspector.

simeter.exe: Si Meter System Management tool.

sistray.exe: SIS video output devices.

sisusbrg.exe: patch from SiS.

siteadv.exe: Site Advisor app to protect your pc.

sixtypopsix.exe: Spyware.

ska.exe: Win32/Ska Virus.

skeys.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

skinkers.exe: BBC News alerter utility by Skinkers Communications.

sksockserver.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

skynetave.exe: SASSER WORM.

skype.exe: Internet telephony tool and instant messenger.

skype32.exe: W32.Mytob.ML@mm Worm.

skypeclient.exe: Skype Internet Telephoney utility.

slave.exe: remote administration tool named Remote-Anything.

slee401.exe: Steganos Security Suite 4.

slee81.exe: Steganos Security Suite.

sllights.exe: STMicroelectronics modem drivers.

slpmonx.exe: Seiko Printers.

slpservice.exe: Seiko Printers.

slpv24s.exe: TA pi interface of elmeg Systemtelefonen.

slserv.exe: Smartlink communication products.

slserve.exe: W32/SDBOT WORM.

slserves.exe: W32/SDBOT WORM.

sm56hlpr.exe: Motorola SM56 modem drivers.

smagent.exe: installed along with several audio drivers.

smartagt.exe: hardware drivers for 3Com NIC cards.

smartexplorer.exe: Smarteque Studio's Smart Explorer Internet browsing facility.

smartftp.exe: file transfer protocol tool.

smartscaps.exe: SmartTrust Smart Card software.

smax4.exe: SoundMAX Control Center.

smax4pnp.exe: Analogue Devices range of audio products.

smc.exe: Sygate Personal Firewall.

smceman.exe: Sony GigaPocket multimedia entertainment center.

smlogsvc.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

smoothview.exe: Zooming Utility from TOSHIBA.

smoutlookpack.exe: PC-cillin anti virus suite.

smschk.exe: BKDR_BREPLIBOT.G Trojan.

smsmon32.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

smsonx32.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

smss.exe: Windows operating system.

smsss.exe: AGOBOT Worm.

smsx.exe: Security Technology Solutions-utility .

smtray.exe: Sound cards with ADI chipsets.

sndmon.exe: Symantec LiveUpdate.

sndrec32.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

sndvol32.exe: Volume Control process.

sniffer.exe: solve software and hardware problems.

snmp.exe: Windows Simple Network Managment Protocol (SNMP) agent.

snmptrap.exe: local or remote MP agents.

soap.exe: System Soap Pro Internet cleaning software.

sockservercfg.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

soffice.exe: OpenOffice suite.

sointgr.exe: Sun MicroSystems StarOffice.

sonicstagemonitoring.exe: Sony GigaPocket multimedia entertainment center.

sonytray.exe: Sony digital camera.

sound.exe: usually belongs to malicious applications.

soundman.exe: drivers for some Realtek sound cards.

soundtrax.exe: Ahead Nero Soundtrax.

sp.exe: Spy.Passkiller, spyware.

sp2ctr.exe: DLUCA-M Trojan.

sp2update00.exe: virus.

spamsub.exe: SpamSubtract from interMute.

spamsubtract.exe: junk email detection.

spbbcsvc.exe: Symantec Internet security suite.

spd.exe: cFosSpeed Internet bandwidth optimizer.

speedkey.exe: Microsoft IntelliType Pro.

speedmgr.exe: T-Systems Nova Berlin.

speedupmypc.exe: SpeedUpMyPC application.

spider.exe: antivirus software DrWeb for Windows.

spkrmon.exe: SpeakerMonitor software.

splash.exe: Hewlett Packard VPN Server Appliances Client Deployment Tool.

spmgr.exe: Sony VAIO laptops.

spnsrvnt.exe: SafeNet Sentinel.

spoler.exe: RANDEX.J virus.

spool.exe: adware and spyware.

spool32.exe: spooling of print jobs.

spooler.exe: WIN32.RBOT Worm.

spools.exe: W32/Kassbot-C Trojan.

spoolsrv32.exe: TopAntiSpyware Malware.

spoolss.exe: Windows Printer Spooler Subsystem.

spoolsv.exe: a system process and may also be a virus Backdoor.Ciadoor.

spoolsvc.exe: W32.SXTB.A Trojan.

spupdsvc.exe: Microsoft Update RunOnce Service.

spvic.exe: Instant Chess gam.

spvspool.exe: Trojan.W32.Dabora worm.

spyagent.exe, spyagent4.exe, spyanywhere.exe, spyrename.exe: Spytech Software.

spyblast.exe, spybotsd.exe, spyware.exe: a utility by Motion which terminates spyware.

spybuddy.exe: spybuddy Trojan virus.

spydoctor.exe: anti-spyware application.

spysub.exe: SpySubtract from Intermute.

spysweeper.exe: Webroot SpySweeper.

spywarestormer.exe: False anti-spyware application.

sqlagent.exe, sqlbrowser.exe, sqlservr.exe, sqlmangr.exe: Microsoft SQL Server.

srng.exe: spyware.

srvany.exe: allows you to run a normal executable as a Windows service.

srvload.exe: Panda Platinum Internet Security suite.

ss.exe: popup blocker from OnlinePCfix.

ssaad.exe: Sonic Stage from Sony.

ssbkgdupdate.exe: Scansoft Product Updater.

ssdpsrv.exe: Universal Plug and Play functionality.

ssexp.exe: Visual Source Safe.

ssgrate.exe: Trojan.Mitglieder.C.

sshd.exe: Cygwin OpenSSH Secure Shell Daemon.

ssl.exe: W32 worm.

ssloserv.exe: Sony Smart Label OServer.

ssoftsrv.exe: Cryptainer Encryption utility.

ssonsvr.exe: Citrix MetaFrame Client remote administration tool.

ssrms.exe: Backdoor.Naninf.B Trojan.

ssscsisv.exe: Sony SonicStage media player.

sssvr.exe: VAIO Media Music Server.

sstray.exe: process by NVidia.

stacmon.exe: Sigmatel's range of audio hardware.

start.exe: Hijacker application.

starteak.exe: Compaq Easy Access Keyboard.

starwindservice.exe: Alcohol 120%.

statemgr.exe: Microsoft Windows ME Opearating System.

statusclient.exe: Hewlett Packard's range of multimedia devices.

stcloader.exe: Adware.SecondThought.

stealth.dcom.exe, stealth.ddos.exe, stealth.exe, stealth.injector.exe, stealth.stat.exe, stealth.wm.exe, stealth.worm.exe: PE_THEALS.A Worm.

steam.exe: Half-Life Valve game.

stimon.exe: one-touch scanning for a scanner.

stisvc.exe: Still Image Service.

stmgr.exe: Microsoft's PCHealth utility.


stsystra.exe: SigmaTel.

studio.exe: Application used to play all common sound files.

stylexp.exe: StyleXP software.

sunasdtserv.exe: Sunbelt CounterSpy Internet security tool.

sunasserv.exe: CounterSpy from Sunbelt Software.

sunserver.exe: Sunbelt CounterSpy.

sunthreatengine.exe: spyware and trojans.

support.exe: Dell computers.

supporter5.exe: eScorcher anti-virus suite.

supu.exe: WORM_PLEXUS.B.

surveyor.exe: Microsoft server suites.

surveysa.exe: Sony Vaio.

suss.exe: Microsoft Windows resource kit.

sv_httpd.exe: Sony VAIO Media Platform.

svc.exe: malicious applications.

svcdata.exe: W32.Spybot.ZIF Trojan.

svchost.exe: Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is different from the usual processes.

svchosts.exe: backdoor Trojan.

svcproc.exe: web hijacker.

svhost.exe: W32.Mydoom.I@mm virus.

svhosts.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

svshost.exe: Worm.P2P.Spybot.gen virus.

svshots.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

swagent.exe: SonicWall Internet firewall protection by Network Associates.

sweudora.exe: service for Eudora mail client.

swiftbtn.exe: system drivers on Fujitsu Siemens notebooks.

switcher.exe: yourSony Wireless LAN Switch.

switpa.exe: OfferAgent Adware.

swnetsup.exe: network support service application in Sophos Anti-Virus.

sws.exe: product of Microsoft.

swsoc.exe: Cold Fusion server from Macromedia.

swstrtr.exe: Cold Fusion server from Macromedia.

swtray.exe: Microsoft SideWinder gamepad.

swupdtmr.exe: toshiba computers.

sxgdsenu.exe, sxgtkbar.exe: Yamaha SXG soundcard driver.

sxplog32.exe: CA Software Delivery by Computer Associates International.

symlcsvc.exe, symsport.exe, symtray.exe, symwsc.exe: Norton's Internet Security Suite.

syncback.exe: SyncBack backup application.

sys.exe: Backdoor.ICR Trojan.

sys_alert.exe: System Patch Alert.

sysagent.exe: application.

sysdoc32.exe: Norton System Utilities.

sysdown.exe: Microsoft Windows Server suite.

sysfader.exe: utility used by some NVidia graphic card packages.

sysformat.exe: BAGLE.AZ Worm.

syshost.exe: Lots of viruses using this process name, such as W32.Evaman.F and W32.Francette.Worm.

sysldr32.exe: mass-mailing worm.

sysmon.exe: Motherboard hardware monitoring tool.

sysmonnt.exe: Sysmon System monitor utility by fkware.

sysocmgr.exe: System Optional Component Manager from Microsoft.

sysreg.exe: spyware and adware application.

syssfitb.exe: web hijacker.

system.exe: Windows system process. MANY viruses use same name like Trojan.Mitglieder.B.

system.update.exe: mass-mailing worm W32.

system32.exe: worm.

systemtray.exe: BIGFOOT Trojan.

systime.exe: CoolWebSearch Parasite virus.

systray.exe: windows operating systems.

sysutil.exe: collect anonymous information about you and send it to Internet servers.

sz.exe: 3am Laboratories.

szntsvc.exe: STOPzilla! program .


tabbtnu.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

tablet.exe: Wacom Graphic Tablet.

tabtip.exe: Table PC Input Panel.

tabuserw.exe: Wacom Pen Tablet devices.

tapicfg.exe: homepage hijacker.

tapisrv.exe: Windows Telephony (TAPI) Support.

task.exe: W32/Randon-Z worm.

task32.exe: mIRC virus.

taskbar.exe: W32.Frethem.L@mm worm.

taskbaricon.exe: Wanadoo Internet connection.

taskcntr.exe: W32/Tilebot-S worm.

taskdir.exe: Added by the Trojan.Abwiz.F rootkit/downloading Trojan.

tasker.exe: AUTOTROJ-C, MYDOOM.A or MYDOOM.J trojans.

taskmngr.exe: RBOT.Y Worm.

taskmon.exe: collect information from hard disks.

taskpanl.exe: Earthlink TotalAccess 2003 Internet access software.

taskswitch.exe: Windows PowerToy.

tasksys.exe: TROJ_SUA.A worm.

taumon.exe: Tauscan, an anti-trojan application.

tbctray.exe: Voyetra Turtle Beach sound cards.

tbksche.exe: TurboBackup Scheduler.

tblmouse.exe: mouse devices.

tbmon.exe: Network Associates Internet Security suite.

tbpanel.exe: drives for the Gainward graphic cards.

tc.exe: TimeCalendar appli.

tcpsvcs.exe: TCP/IP Services.

tcserver.exe: Microsoft Tablet PC Windows Operating System.

teatimer.exe: SpyBot Search & Destroy application.

teekids.exe: Lovesan worm.

telepath.exe: WinModems.

termsrv.exe: Windows terminal server service.

testing.exe: W32/Spybot-B worm.

tfncky.exe, tfnf5.exe: TOSHIBA Corp.

tfswctrl.exe: Hewlett Packard Hardware Packet Writing Driver.

tgcmd.exe: software package provided by your ISP.

the_weather_channel.exe: instant messaging utility.

thotkey.exe: function keys on Toshiba laptop computers.

thunderbird.exe: e-mail client.

timershot.exe: PowerToy for Windows XP.

timeup.exe: TimeUp application from TimeUp Soft.

timezone.exe: Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Update Utility.

tintsetp.exe: IME program.

tinyspell.exe: spellchecker.

tkbell.exe: RealOne Player.

tkonnect.exe: Tiscali internet dialing software.

tlbar.exe: monitors your computer in the background.

tlntsvr.exe: Telnet server.

tmas.exe: Trend Micro Internet Security Suite.

tmeejme.exe: Toshiba laptops.

tmerzctl.exe: Toshiba TME utility.

tmesbs32.exe: Toshiba laptops Mobile Extension Slim Select Bay Service.

tmesrv31.exe: laptop docking application from Toshiba.

tmksrvi.exe: Trojan horse TR/Tmks.2.

tmksrvu.exe: adware.

tmp.exe: mostly identified as a threat.

tmpfw.exe: Network Security software.

tmproxy.exe: PC-Cillin antivirus.

tnbutil.exe: F-Secure Internet Security.

toadimon.exe: Dial Assistent Component.

topdesk.exe: for accessing your desktop items.

toscdspd.exe: Toshiba laptop CD/DVD driv.

toshkcw.exe: Toshiba Laptops.

totrecsched.exe: Total Recorder.

touched.exe: Toshiba TouchPad Utility.

tp4ex.exe: IBM TrackPoint.

tp4mon.exe, tp4serv.exe, tphkmgr.exe, tpkmapap.exe, tpkmapmn.exe, tpkmpsvc.exe, tponscr.exe, tpscrex.exe, tpshocks.exe: IBM ThinkPads.

tphdexlg.exe: ThinkVantage Active Protection System.

tpsbattm.exe: Toshiba Power Saver Utility.

tpscrlk.exe, tpwrtray.exe: TOSHIBA Corp.

tpsmain.exe: Toshiba laptops/desktops.

tptray.exe: Toshiba laptops.

tray.exe: homepage hi-jacker application.

trayapplication.exe: Nokia PC Suite.

trayclnt.exe: MSN Subscription.

trayicos.exe: automatic updater for the eScan antivirus.

traymon.exe: tray monitor application from Netropa Corporation.

traymonitor.exe: MacVision program for monitoring tray icons.

traysaver.exe: restores the icons.

trayserver.exe: MacVision program for monitoring tray icon.

trcboot.exe: IBM Personnal Communications.

trickler.exe: adware.

trillian.exe: Instant Messenger client.

trueimagemonitor.exe, trueimageservice.exe: disk drive imaging tool, Acronis TrueImage.

tsadbot.exe: adware.

tschelp.exe: SnagIt from TechSmith.

tsclient.exe: 3am Laboratories.

tskdbg.exe: FLOOD.E virus.

tskmgr32.exe: trojan that gives a remote user access to the infected computer.

tsl.exe: adware and spyware.

tsmsvc.exe: T-DSL SpeedManager from T-Systems.

tstool.exe: TrueSync Tool.

tsyssmon.exe: Toshiba System Stability Client Application.

tsystray.exe: Real Jukebox.

tv_media.exe: ThinkVantage Registry Monitor Service Module.

tvm.exe: browser hijacker.

tvmd.exe, tvtmd.exe: spyware.

tvmon.exe: from Canon.

tvstray.exe: Toshiba Virtual Sound applicat.

tvtool.exe: connect to their tv via their videocard.

tweakui.exe: PowerToy for Windows XP.

twunk_64.exe, uc.exe: homepage hi-jacker.

type32.exe: keyboard products from Microsoft.


ucstart.exe, ucstartup.exe: IBM Update connector.

udserve.exe: Executive Software Undelete.

umonit.exe: USB monitor.

umonit2k.exe: Gene USB Monitor.

unins000.exe: relating to many un-installation services.

uninst.exe: uninstaller application.

uninstall.exe: popular process name.

unrar.exe: WinRAR application.

unsecapp.exe: Microsoft Windows s.

unwise.exe: uninstall other applications.

upd.exe: adult content screen saver.

updatemanager.exe: Rogers Yahoo! Browser.

updater.exe: malicious application.

updaterui.exe: McAfee Antivirus.

updatestats.exe: MLB pitch-by-pitch real-time updates.

updreg.exe: remind you to register your Creative Labs product.

updtnv28.exe: Symantec AntiVirus Products.

upgrade.exe: Trend Micro Pc-Cillin uses this.

uphclean.exe: User profile cleanup service.

upnpframework.exe: VAIO Media Video Server from Sony.

upromise0.exe: college savings program from Upromise.

ups.exe: Microsoft that manages UPS devices.

upsd.exe: Belkin Bulldog.

uptodate.exe: popup ad blocker.

urlblaze.exe: P2P program.

urlmap.exe: Microsoft Money.

usb.exe: USB device.

usbmmkbd.exe: USB device.

usbmonit.exe: monitors the USB ports.

usbsircs.exe: Giga Pocket.

userinit.exe: Logon Application.

userint32.exe: W32/Oscabot-C worm.

usrbridg.exe: Extended Systems infrared por.

usrmlnka.exe, usrshuta.exe: US Robotics.

usrprmpt.exe: Symantec products.

utility.exe: Belkin Wireless PCI Cards.

utilman.exe: Utility Manager.

uwdf.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

uzqkst.exe: popular freeware.


v2iconsole.exe: Norton Ghost.

vaioent.exe: VAIO Entertainment.

vaioupdt.exe: Sony Vaio Update service.

valuesup.exe: Lanovation Prism.

vaserv.exe: Sony Vaio notebooks.

vc5play.exe, vc5secs.exe, vc5tray.exe, vc6play.exe, vc6secs.exe, vc6tray.exe, vc7play.exe, vc7secs.exe, vc7tray.exe,vcclient.exe, vcssecs.exe: Virtual CD.

vcddaemon.exe: Elaborate Bytes Virtual CloneDrive.

vcsw.exe: Sony VAIO and provides extra multimedia functions.

ventc.exe: Fourelle Systems Venturi.

versioncuetray.exe: Adobe Creative Suite.

vet32.exe, vetmsg.exe, vettray.exe: eTrust EZ Antivirus.

vgaprobe.exe: monitors your ASUS graphics card.

vi_grm.exe: drivers for Trio2x/3x based video cards.

videodrv.exe: I-Worm.Mimail virus.

view.exe: allows the user to open any type of text file.

viewmgr.exe: Viewpoint Media Player.

viewport.exe: support for your ATI graphic cards.

virtualbouncer.exe: Spyware.

visio.exe: Visio suite from Microsoft.

vmlib.exe: LowZone-AQ Trojan.

vmnat.exe: VMware NAT application running a service.

vmnetdhcp.exe: VMware Workstation.

vmss.exe: adware.

vncviewer.exe, vnsystask.exe: VMware Authorization Service.

vnxserv.exe: TWD Industries remote administration tool.

vobregcheck.exe: InfoExpress software.

vpngui.exe: VPN Client application from Cisco Systems.

vprosvc.exe: Norton Ghost.

vptray.exe: Norton AntiVirus.

vshwin32.exe, vsmain.exe: McAfee VirusScan.

vsmon.exe: ZoneAlarm firewall.

vsnpstd.exe: bundled with Olidata WebCam and LG USB WebCams.

vsnpstd2.exe: SmartCam USB Cameras.

vsserv.exe: BitDefender antivirus .

vssvc.exe: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service.

vtpreset.exe: avage Pro S3 graphics cards.

vttrayp.exe: S3 Graphics Controllers.

vvvfdsqq.exe: W32.Sober.@mm worm.

vxsvc.exe: Dell Openmanage.

vxtaskbarmgr.exe: Backup Exec for Windows Servers from Veritas software.

vzcdbsvc.exe: VAIO Entertainment studio.

vzfw.exe: Sony GigaPocket multimedia entertainment center.


w32_systm.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

w3dbsmgr.exe: Database Service Manager for Pervasive SQL.

wab.exe: Windows operating system.

wanmpsvc.exe: WAN Miniport service.

waol.exe: AOL engine.

warez.exe: Warez peer-to-peer file sharing client.

watch.exe: Mustek.

watch_free_porn.exe: .

watchdog.exe: Mustek scanners.

wauclt.exe: w32.gaobot.ajd Worm.

wavdriver.exe: wavdriver Associated Process.

waveedit.exe: Ahead Nero Wave Editor.

wbjob.exe: WinBackup 2 from Uniblue.

wbload.exe: WindowsBlinds Stardock application.

wbmain.exe, wbsched.exe, wbscheds.exe, wbss.exe, wbtray.exe: WinBackup.

wbutton.exe: Acer notebooks.

wcescomm.exe, wcesmgr.exe: Microsoft ActiveSync.

wcmdmgr.exe: retrieve information and updates.

wdbtnmgr.exe: Western Digital external disk drive.

wdfmgr.exe: Windows User Mode Driver Manager.

wdsvc.exe: Dantz Retrospect backup application from EMC.

weather.exe: weather information.

weathereye.exe: Weather Network.

webcamrt.exe: Logitech Web Cams.

webcolct.exe: Logitech MouseWare software.

webdav.exe: hacker to gain control of targeted system.

webdmi.exe: Compaq DMI Web Management Service.

webinstall.exe: 123 Zip compression application for Windows.

webproxy.exe: Panda Antivirus Suite.

webscanx.exe: McAfee antivirus package.

webtrapnt.exe: Trend Micro anti virus solution PC-cillin..

webvacuum.exe: Spytech Software.

welcome.exe: Welcome to Windows tutorial on boot up.

wfcrun32.exe: ICA-client belonging to Citrix.

wfdmgr.exe: W32/Mytob-C Worm.

wfica32.exe: Citrix ICA Client remote desktop tool.

wfxctl32.exe: WinFax.

wfxload.exe: WindowFX Loader.

wfxmod32.exe, wfxsvc.exe, wfxswtch.exe: Symantec Winfax.

wfxsnt40.exe: WinFax communication process.

wgatray.exe: Microsoft Windows Operating System.

whagent.exe: spyware.

wid32.exe: W32.Mytob.LD/LZ@mm Worm.

win-bugsfix.exe: LOVELETTER (I Love You) virus.

win32.exe: Backdoor.Ratega.

winace.exe: archiving utility.

winactive.exe: browser hijacker.

winamp.exe: music player.

winampa.exe: Winamp Agent.

winaw32.exe: Symantec PCAnywhere remote control solution.

winbackup.exe: WinBackup application.

wincfg32.exe: Ronoper Trojan Worm.

wincinemamgr.exe: Intervideo WinCinema Manager.

wincmd32.prg: Windows Commander.

wincomm.exe: W32.AGOBOT.BG worm.

wincomp.exe: WINTRIM.A Trojan.

winctlad.exe: WindUpdates Adware.

winctladalt.exe: WindUpdates Adware.

windowsautomaticupdates.exe: Folding@Home Client.

windowsp.exe: opens a back door on IRC channels.

windowssearch.exe: Windows Desktop Search Tray from Microsoft.

winex.exe: homepage hijacker.

winfrw.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

winfs.exe: Windows Longhorn.

wingate.exe: LOVGATE.G virus.

winhelp.exe, winhlp32.exe: Microsoft Help file.

winhost.exe: web hijacker.

wininetd.exe: WINET VIRUS.

wininit.exe: WOLLF.16 VIRUS.

winkey.exe: Copernic Technologies.

winldra.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

winlog.exe: Salfeld Personal Security tool.

winlogin.exe: RANDEX.E VIRUS.

winlogon.exe: Windows NT login manager.

winmain.exe: malware.

winmgm32.exe: LALA.C virus.

winmgmt.exe: core component of Windows.

winmx.exe: WinMX Peer-to-peer file sharing tool.

winmysqladmin.exe: MySQL database administration tool.

winnet.exe: adware and spyware.

winoa386.exe: MS-DOS Console.

winoldap.exe: used on Windows 98 based computers .

winole.exe: W32/SDBOT Worm.

winpack.exe: Troj/Dloader-JU Trojan.

winpatrol.exe: WinPatrol.

winppr32.exe: W32.Sobig.F worm.

winproj.exe: Microsoft Office suite.

winproxy.exe: a proxy server and firewall.

winpup32.exe: ADCLICKER virus.

winrar.exe: WinRAR application.

winrecon.exe: Spying/Monitoring tools which record everything which occurs on your computer.

winroute.exe: email server, proxy server, software firewall.

wins.exe: Windows Internet name service.

winscheduler.exe: InterVideo WinDVD.

winserv.exe: IMISERV virus.

winservad.exe, winservn.exe, winservs.exe, winservsuit.exe: adware.

winservices.exe: W32/Yaha-L worm.

winsocks.exe: SpyWare.

winsrv32.exe: ADUENT virus.

winss.exe: Windows OneCare Live.

winssk32.exe: Sobig.E worm.

winssnotify.exe: Windows OneCare Live.

winstart.exe: spyware.

winstart001.exe: web redirects.

winstat.exe: trojan.

winstylerthemesvc.exe: TuneUp Utilities.

winsupdater.exe: W32.Ahlem.A@mm worm..

winsys.exe: spyware.

winsys32.exe: CIGIVIP or RECKUS viruses.

wintask.exe: W32.Navidad.16896 (Symantec) worm.

wintasks.exe: WinTasks application.

wintbp.exe: Zotob.E Worm.

wintools.exe: Huntbar Adware.

wintsk32.exe: YAHA.U VIRUS.

winupdate.exe: RADO VIRUS.

winupdates.exe: Rbot Worm.

winvnc.exe, winvnc4.exe: remote desktop control.

winwan.exe: malicious application.

winword.exe: Microsoft Word.

winxp.exe: W32.Beagle.AG@mm worm.

winzip32.exe: compress and decompress Zip archives.

wiseupdt.exe: AdWare.

wisptis.exe: Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem.

wjview.exe: Command line utility tool.

wkcalrem.exe: Microsoft Works Calendar Reminder.

wkdetect.exe: Microsoft Works Updater.

wkfud.exe: Microsoft Works.

wkqkpick.exe: WinZip traybar icon.

wkscal.exe: Microsoft Work Suite.

wkssb.exe: Microsoft Works Portfolio.

wkssvc32.exe: malware.

wkufind.exe: Microsoft Picture-It.

wlan111t.exe: NetGear Wireless LAN hardware.

wlancfg5.exe: Netgear Smart Configuration Module.

wlansta.exe: tray bar process.

wlanutility.exe: MicroStar WLANUtility.

wlkeeper.exe: wireless lan application from Intel.

wlservice.exe: BELKIN USB Wireless.

wltray.exe: Dell Wireless WLAN Card.

wmburn.exe: Microsoft Windows Media Player.

wmccds.exe: D-Link and Roku media playing devices.

wmencagt.exe: Windows Media Encoder from a network.

wmexe.exe: WinModems.

wmi.exe: Windows Management Instrumentation.

wmiadapt.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

wmiapsrv.exe: WMI performance adapter.

wmiexe.exe: Windows Management Instrumentation.

wmiprvse.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

wmipvse.exe: Microsoft Windows Server.

wmonitor.exe: EarthLink TotalAccess.

wmpburn.exe: Nero Burning Rom.

wmplayer.exe: Windows Media Player.

wnad.exe: adware.

wnrot.exe: Trojan.W32.BAGLE..

word.exe: VB-IW Trojan..

wordpad.exe: word processing application.

workflow.exe: BroadJump Client Foundation.

workflowtray.exe: .

wow.exe: ScanSoft OmniPage.

wowexec.exe: Windows Win16 Application Launcher.

wp.exe: FlashTrack Adware.

wpa.exe: Esbot Worm.

wpabaln.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

wpc11cfg.exe, wpc54cfg.exe: Linksys Wireless-G USB Wireless Network Monitor.

wpctrl.exe, wpctrl95.exe, wpctrlnt.exe: WinPortrait.

wptel.exe: WinPhone.

wrapper.exe: Maya accouting program.

wros.exe: WinRouter application.

wrssdk.exe, wrsssdk.exe: Webroot Spysweeper.

ws3lib.exe: W32.Secefa.A Trojan..

wscntfy.exe: Windows Security Center.

wscommcntr1.exe: Autodesk.

wscript.exe: Microsoft Windows Script Host.

wsinspector.exe: Windows Startup Inspector.

wsn.exe: adware.

wsup.exe: spyware, adware and hijacker application.

wsupdate.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

wsys.exe: keylogging software from iOpus.

wtsrv.exe: Microsoft Windows operating system.

wuauclt.exe: Windows Update client.

wuauclt2.exe: Proxy-Agent.e Trojan.

wuloader.exe: checking for the latest updates for Windows.

wupdater.exe: spyware .

wupdt.exe: Imiserv.A trojan.

wusb54gp.exe, wusb54gs.exe, wusb54gv4.exe: Linksys Wireless-G USB Wireless Network Monitor.

wuser32.exe: used to solve a problem of remote control service starting.

ww.exe: weather reports.

wweb32.exe: theasaurus and dictionary.

wwmon.exe: WildWire broadband Modems.

wwsecure.exe: Webroot Window Washer application.

wzcbdls.exe: WZCBDLService Launcher from D-Link.

wzcsldr.exe: WLAN service launcher software.

wzcsldr2.exe: ALPHA Networks Wireless driver.

wzqkpick.exe: WinZip software.


x10nets.exe: X10 video streaming devices.

x1exec.exe: NetZero Internet service.

x234cpiroff.exe: backdoor vulnerability.

xcommsvr.exe: BitDefender Antivirus.

xferwan.exe: Centennial Discovery.

xfr.exe: Intel LANDesk Management Suite.

xl.exe: Software that prevents software from being reverse engineered.

xtagent.exe: Novell networks, NetIdentity service.

xtcfgloader.exe: adware.


yahoodesktopsearch.exe: .Yahoo! Desktop Search

yahoopal.exe: Yahoo! Messegner.

yahoopops.exe: Yahoo Mail .

yahoowidgetengine.exe: Yahoo! Widget Engine.

ybrowser.exe: Yahoo!.

ymetray.exe: Yahoo! Music utility.

ymsgr_tray.exe: Yahoo Instant Messenger application.

yop.exe: SBC Yahoo! Online Protection application.

ypager.exe: Yahoo! Messenger.

yserver.exe: Yahoo Instant Messenger application.

yum.exe: Yahoo! Update Manager.

yupdater.exe: Yahoo Messenger Internet chat program.


zanda.exe: Norman Virus Control application.

zapro.exe: Zone Alarm Pro firewall.

zbase32.exe: database engine named ZBase.

zcast.exe: NetZero Internet service providers Internet accelerator application.

zclientm.exe: Microsoft Gaming Zone.

zdlm.exe: Zinio from Ziff Davis Media.

zhotkey.exe: Chicony keyboard.

zingspooler.exe: upload graphic files.

ziptoa.exe: Iomega ATAPI Zip to A: Service.

zlclient.exe: ZoneAlarm Firewall from ZoneLabs.

zlh.exe: Norman Virus Control's Internet security software.

zone.exe: MSN Gaming Zone.

zonealarm.exe: ZoneAlarm.

zoominghook.exe: Toshiba Zooming Utility for Tablet PC.

zstatus.exe: access features of your HP printer.

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