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What is remote assistance and how to use it?

What is remote assistance?

Remote Assistance is a technology in Windows XP which enables Windows XP users to help each other over the Internet. With this tool, Helper can view the desktop of another user, "Helpee" With the Helpee's permission, the "Helper" can even share control of the Helpee's computer to fix problems remotely.

Requirements for Remote Assistance

1. Both side of computer must be running a version of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

2. Both side must be on internet.

3. In Windows XP Home Edition, the novice must be using an Owner account.

4. Windows Remote Assistance must be enabled (Right-click My Computer --> Properties --> Remote --> check "Allow remote ....").

How to use remote assistance?

1. Click Start and click Help and Support.

2. Under Ask for Assistance click Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance.

3. Click Invite someone to help you.

4. There are three available options for sending the Remote Assistance invitation: Windows Messenger, email, or saving the invitation as a file. Choose one of the three options and type in password.

5. When the Helper receives the invitation, s/he is prompted for the password which the Helpee set. After supplying this password, the Helper can initiate the Remote Assistance session.

6. Ususally as soon as the connection is established, it is in its default mode, View Only mode. The Helper can request to take control of the Helpee's computer at this point by clicking the Take Control button on the Helper's console.

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