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How to shut down network computer?

Windows XP has a built-in feature called shutdown tools, which can be used to shutdown any connected computers from any one computer. Using this feature, you can log off, restart, and shutdown any computer in your network. This feature will help network administrator to shutdown all connected computers in the local area network one by one. The following are the steps to do it.

1. Make sure that computers are directly connected or connected to network.

2. Logged into your computer with administrator

3. Click Start

4. Click Run

5. Type shutdown -i, then press Enter for next. A small windows dialog box will appear with the title "Remote Shutdown Dialog".

6. Click "Add" button to add computer, a small Add computers window will open, here type the name or IP address of the computer that you want to turned off, then press OK for next.

7. Select the action "What do you want these computers to do (log off, restart, or shutdown)". If you want to warn your users about this action, select the check box "Warn users of the action" then set time, display warning for 30 seconds or more.

8. Select the option that describes the reason to shutdown the computers and also type some comments for users.

9. When you press the OK, the users will see a "System Shutdown Windows" with time and comments that you just set.

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