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How to troubleshoot computer sound / audio problems - repair guide and tips

It is not easy to troubleshoot computer sound problems because hardware or software related problems can cause no sound on your pc. So locating the source of the problem is the first step. The following are the tips for you to follow:

1. Check if the sound is turned off or muted. Check for function keys that might be used to disable sound.

2. For desktop computer, check if the speaker is powered off.

3. Check if the sound card is installed properly. Press Windows key + Pause key and system properties screen will be shown. Click the Hardware tab --> Device Manager --> Scroll down --> find your sound card. Make sure there are no red "X"s or error messages associated with the sound device. If the device has an "X" over it, right-click to enable it. If there is an error, click through and read the error message for more details.

4. Check if the speaker was plugged into MIC socket.

5. Finally, Re-seated the sound card or test it in other good computer.


If you don't see a small sound icon in the Systray, do the following:

1. Open the Control panel.
2. Open the "Sounds and Audio Devices" icon.
3. Verify the "Place volume icon in the taskbar" checkbox is checked.

If the above option is grayed or not available, go to Device Manager to check if the driver was installed properly. If it is not listed, check if the sound card has the problems. You can re-seat the sound card.

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