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How to enlarge windows thumbnail image?

In Windows XP, you have the option of viewing a little thumbnail image of pictures on your hard drive as a quick preview of the image. If you would like to make these images a little larger or smaller, follow the instructions below:

1. Back up your registry.

2. Click Start.

3. Click Run.

4. Type in: regedit and click OK.

5. Find the following registry key:

6. Click once on the Explorer entry to empty its contents into the right pane.

7. Look for an entry named ThumbnailSize. Once you find it, change the hexidecimal value to anything between 32 and 96.

8. If this entry does not exist, do the following:

1) Right click an empty area within the right pane

2) Select NEW --> DWORD.

3) Name the value: ThumbnailSize

4) Double-click this new DWORD entry and insert a value between 32 and 96.

9. Exit the Windows Registry saving your changes.

Note: maybe you need to reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

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