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What is tracert, how to use tracert?

What is tracert?

The traceroute utility checks how many "hops" (transfers through other computers on a network) it takes for your computer to contact another computer. You can use traceroute if you know the other computer's IP address, web site ip address (, or name (www.google.com).

How to use tracert?

1. Click Start.

2. Click Run.

3. Type cmd

4. Type the following command at the command prompt:

tracert www.google.com


5. You will see a list of hops with four columns. The first column, the hop count, represents the number of stops your information has made along the route to attempt to contact the other computer. The next three columns are the round-trip times in milliseconds for three different attempts to reach the destination. The last column is the name of the host that responded to the request.

By using the "tracert, you can find the location of the problem when you see the message "* * * Request timed out".

You can save the output of the traceroute program as a text file and give it to a network technician analyze the problem by using the following command:

tracert parameter > test.txt
Please note that the above "parameter" is the IP address, name, or web site you are trying to access.

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