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How to troubleshoot printer guide and tips?

1. First, check if there is a paper jam or there is no paper in tray.

2. Try to reboot your computer and your printer. Usually it solves most printing problems.

3. If it's not printing, or you're getting a message about the Fax printer, change your default printer: Start --> Settings --> Printers/Faxes. Right-click the printer you want, and then select (left-click) Set as Default.

4. Double check all physical connections going to and coming from the printer are firmly in place.

5. Check that the printer is set as Default. Go to Start --> Settings --> Printers, right-click the printer. If there isn't a checkmark by "Set as Default", just select it.

6. Print a test page. If you can get the test page, but you could not print from an application, the application might have problems and you need to check it out.

7. Turn off your printer for 10 seconds and turn it back on. Write down any error messages or flashing lights when the printer is turned back on.

8. Finally, you can uninstall and then re-install your printer or printer driver.

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