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How to troubleshoot scanner guide and tips?

1. If possible, try the scanner on another computer. If the problem occurs on one computer and not another, the problem may be in the computer, not the scanner.

2. Try to re-start computer and scanner.

3. Look at the power display. On most models, your scanner should maintain a green light during operation. If not, you may have a power issue. Try to remove the scanner from a power strip and plug it directly into the wall.

4. Check all the cables are securely in the ports of both the computer and scanner. You may also want to try switching the USB cable if you suspect that this has caused the problem.

5. Disconnect all other devices. Your computer may not have the ability to handle more than one external hardware device. Try to disconnect any printers, copiers, faxes and drivers you use along with the scanner.

6. Update your driver. If you have an outdated driver installed, you may encounter scanner problems. Go to the manufacturer's Web site and download the latest version for your operating system.

7. If the scanner isn't reading consistently, check if the tip is dirty. If the tip is replaceable, unscrew it and clean the tip gently, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth before replacing the cap.

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