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How to turn off laptop screen?

There is a time when you want to turn off the laptop screen and you don't want to turn off your system because you are downloading some files. For the desktop computer, it will be easy, that is, you can just turn off the power of your monitor, but for laptop, it won't be that easy because there is no power button for you to turn off the laptop screen. So you need to do something special. In the following, you will learn how to turn off the laptop screen without turning off the system.

1. Download laptop screen Off software

2. On your desktop, right-click the blank spot.

3. Click New and then click Shortcut.

4. Follow the instructions to finish creating shortcut for the downloaded file.

5. Right-click the shortcut file created.

6. Click Properties.

7. In Shortcut key text box, press "m" and you will have "Ctrl+Alt+M".

8. Click Ok.

Now you can press hotkey created above to turn off your laptop screen. For turning on the screen again, just click your mouse. In this way, you can not only save electricity, but also extend the life of your laptop LCD screen.

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