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How to use or check USB version 2.0

USB, Universal Serial Bus, is the solution for all PC users who want an instant way to connect new hardware like digital joysticks, scanners, digital cameras or usb flash memory to their computer.

USB makes adding peripheral devices extremely easy. With USB-compliant PCs and peripherals, you just plug them in and turn them on. USB makes the whole process automatic and you also no longer need to shut down and restart your PC to attach or remove a peripheral. Just plug in the new device and the PC automatically detects the peripheral and configures the necessary software. USB also lets you connect many peripherals at one time. Many USB PCs come with two USB ports. And you can use USB hubs to connect multiple devices together.

USB 1.1 transfers data around at 12 mbps and USB 2.0 is a massive speed increase to 480 mbps, which leaves plenty of room for most device operations. So definitely you need to use USB 2.0. But how do you use USB version 2.0? The following is the guide and tips to follow:

1. First, you need to find out if your computer has USB version 2.0 port installed. What you can do is, right-click My Computer --> Properties --> Hardware --> Device Manager --> Universal Serial Bus Controllers. If you can see "... Enhanced Host Controller ...", this means that your computer has USB version 2.0 port installed.

2. If your computer has USB version 2.0 port installed and you still could not use it, you need to upgrade its driver by right-clicking the "... Enhanced Host Controller ..." --> Properties --> Driver --> Update Driver.

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