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How to create virtual drive?

A virtual drive in computing is a device that to the operating system appears to be an ordinary physical disk drive, with disc images substituted for disc reading hardware through the use of software called a disk emulator.

A virtual drive may emulate any type of physical drive, such as a hard drive, tape drive, key drive, floppy drive, CD/DVD/BD/HD DVD or a network share among others. An emulated drive is typically created either in RAM for fast read/write access (known as a RAM disk), or on a hard drive. After creating Virtual Drives in your Computer. you can access your Favorite Folders as a drive in My Computer. The following are the step to create a virtual drive:

1. Start >> Run.

2. Type cmd and hit Enter.

3. This will open "Command Prompt".

4. Type subst Z: E:\folder and hit Enter key. Note: You can replace Z: with your desired New Drive Letter (Except existing Drive letters) and you can also replace E:\folder with the path of your favorite folder.

5. Now, type exit.

You should know the above steps are only to create a temprary virtual drive, that is, after rebooting your computer, it will be gone. If you want it permanently stays, you need to create a batch file which will make the drive everytime on startup. The following is how to do it:

1. Open Notepad.

2. Type in the following:

subst Z: E:\folder
3. File --> Save As....

4. Name it : Virtual Drive virtual_drive.bat.

5. Start --> All Programs.

6. Right Click on Startup --> Open.

7. This open the Startup folder.

8. Paste the Virtual Drive virtual_drive.bat file there.

Now the drive will automatically be created when ever you start your computer.

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