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Computer Virus Protection Tips and How To

Symptoms of the Virus Infected System

1.Unusual error messages.
2.System runs slow than usual.
3.System hangs up frequently.
4.Computer crashes
5.Computer restarts itself after every few seconds.
6.Disk drives inaccessible.
7.Computer¡¯s applications do not work.
8.Hard disk¡¯s LED/Indicator seems to be busy most of the time.
9.System utilizes more resources than normal.
10.Antivirus program disabled for no reason.
11.An Antivirus program does not run and can¡¯t be installed.
12.Distorted desktop items, menus and dialog boxes.
13.Windows works incorrectly.

Virus Protection Tips

Always remember "prevention is better than cure". The best way is to use an antivirus program. The following tips are very useful in protecting a computer from the viruses and other internal and external threats.

1. Use an up-to-date antivirus program and regularly scan your computer with it.
2. Update your Windows operating system from the Microsoft¡¯s website.
3. Do not use Floppy disk in your system for data transfer.
4. Raise the security level of your web browsers.
5. Use a software/hardware firewall and make the security settings very tight.
6. If you are administering a computer network, limit the users¡¯ access and monitor their online activities.
7. Never open an email attachment and a web link through MSN messenger from unknown source.
8. Don¡¯t run unknown executable programs.
9. Delete Junk emails from your inbox and NEVER reply to them.
10. Block the source IP addresses of the SPAM emails.
11. Backup your system¡¯s critical data regularly.
12. DO NOT download, execute or open email attachment from unknown and suspicious sources.
13. Do not install unused programs on your system.
14. Exercise great caution when downloading the files from internet.

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